Wonder Festival report!


Hey Megami Masters! Agent Leu checking in with an update by Toriwo Toriyama!


Wonder Festival came and went so quickly. Thank you everyone (attendees and exhibitors alike) for making your way to Makuhari!

Thanks to everyone, we were able to make several exciting announcements. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did!

Today I want to do quick report on the Megami booth corner. Without further ado, let’s go over the event with all the photos!


Here are the painted samples of the 7th and 8th releases in the Megami Device line, the Chaos & Pretty series. Package art by Nagi Ryo was printed and hung above the display bases.

Pre-orders for these are opened, so please visit our product page! We’ll be introducing Witch in another article soon.


Next up is the 9th release, SOL Raptor, which was announced last year in December at the Kotobukiya Festival. The cleaned and surfaced replica sample of this new Megami was displayed at the show.

Besides parts from SOL Hornet and Roadrunner, new head and armor parts were included for this deluxe look. The surfaced color parts shown in the image below are new (only the face part, attached as an example, is from Hornet).

The adorable and cool youngest sibling out of the three SOL sisters, currently in development, Raptor comes with large wings, various weapons, and long flowing hair parts!


Hidden Easter egg ① Summer color variant “Aoi” from the ASRA series!

Not only is the color different, newly sculpted hair parts and arms/legs parts are also included. We forgot to announce this at the show, but the included decals are also newly designed to match the Aoi outfit. “I drew them with flesh colored arms and legs, but the result has more impact than I imagined,” said illustrator Nidy-2D, whose design was displayed at the show.

The actual product for Archer, which was also displayed at the show, will differ slightly after some final adjustments. (The eye color of tampo stamp will be adjusted  to match the regular ASRA version)

Anticipated for release this summer! Pre-order announcement coming soon!


Hidden Easter egg ② The newest designs including 10th release Launcher and 11th release Lancer! Designed by Yasutaka Isekawa! This is probably the first 3D product based off of Yasutaka Isekawa’s design.

We wanted to reveal this product asap so we printed the parts and built a sample for display, but we will brushit up for the final product. Even Isekawa-san was surprised by the printed sample and couldn’t help but exclaim, “it’s huuuuuuuuge!” It really is huge lol.

Unlike previously released Megami kits, this will include a light-up gimmick. Look forward to more updates coming soon!


Hidden Easter egg ③ The ASRA Shadow Edition was revealed during the talk show in the afternoon! Pre-orders started the day after the talk show, and Asai-san had to make the announcement, “(as if selling digital mechanical products) this product is on sale… NOW!”

Unlike Aoi, this is a simple color variant version, but the darker color with gold decal brings out a completely different look compared to the regular ASRA. (This was a last minute item and thus the painted sample shown is completely done by photoshop)

Due to unexpected popular demand, we are currently considering re-releasing this item for a third time (as of the time this article is released).


From the popular game, Alice Gear Aegis, comes the first collaboration with Kaede Agatsuma! Painted sample was displayed at the show! She looks absolutely stunning in color!

Designed by Fumikane Shimada and developed by Pyramid, this product may include different expression and hand parts. Even with a tight schedule, we will continue to push for improvement, and hope you will look forward to the final product!


As anticipated, here’s the announcement for the second actress release! The extremely popular Shitara Kaneshiya! Did everyone guess right?

Shitara is designed by Kanetake Ebikawa, who illustrated sample Gear “Ganesh Karwa Chauth Vrat” which the kit is based on. (He tried to keep the design simple, it turned out quite voluminous!)

Furthermore, we are currently planning smaller body builds for future Megami lineup. Asai-san was able to make a sample in one go for display as Wonder Festival. There are still many aspects we need to visit on a technical scale in order to turn this sculpt into a model kit, but the size was just as we expected. Keep an eye out for more news coming soon!

Click here to access the official Alice Gear Aegis website!

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Hidden Easter egg ④ The Busou Shinki collaboration that was revealed at the end of last year has been announced! The first Shinki, designed by Fumikane Shimada is (Jaeger Edelweiss (英語商品名を確認してください)! Illustration by Shimada-san revealed for the first time.


The sample on display is a prototype replica. Please look forward to the final details and adjustments.


In addition, Hiroyuki Owaku, producer from Capcom Digital Entertainment, joined our talk show stage as a surprise guest and announced the continuation of Busou Shinki series. This will be a huge project involving Konami Digital Entertainment for the game, KADOKAWA for the comics/mangas and other media, and Kotobukiya for plastic model kits.

Please look forward to more specific information in the future!


Click here to access the official Busou Shinki website!

©Konami Digital Entertainment



That’s all for the Wonder Festival report!

Honestly I was exhausted until the last minute and thought repeatedly that I should reserve my energy for future events, but with Megami Device on the line, I was able to see everything without holding back.

We’re already planning on our next event, and hope to see you all again soon!

Until next time!

Toriwo Toriyama (I really need a break MegamiP)




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