Wonder Festival (Winter) and New York Toy Fair after report



Hey everyone! Agent Leu reporting in on an update from Shogun!
I wanted to share some new reveals from Wonder Festival (Winter) and New York Toy Fair♪





Here’s the whole group from the popular TV series, Defenders!
Notice each character’s pose that reflects their personality.





The third statue from the DC COMICS IKEMEN series is none other than Red Robin!
Red Robin winks so mischievously…! The statue is crafted so carefully, you can even see his collarbone♥



The forth statue from the DC COMICS IKEMEN series is Damian Robin!
Check out his cheeky expression! Make sure you pre-order your IKEMEN!



Re-releasing Power Girl due to popular demand!
Second edition will include a different base and package design!
This is a perfect chance for those of you who weren’t able to get her last time! Information on pre-order start date coming soon!



Joker and Harley Quinn paint masters (colored prototype) were revealed at New York Toy Fair for the first time.
This is truly a wonderful collection which captured the image of two of the most evil villains loved by fans all over the world.
More information on the details of the statues coming soon…! Please look forward to the pre-order start date!





Check out this unique stiletto heels (aka: pin heels) design for Pinhead!
Horrifying yet beautifully noble… Pinhead’s aura has been perfectly captured!



Revealing the silhouette for the first time! The newest character to the HORROR BISHOUJO series is Michael Myers (Boogieman)! We’re working earnestly to bring you a cool and awesome bishoujo!



Finally revealing the paint master!
Sculpted by Buzujimax and painted profoundly to further her realistic appearance!
Check out the amazing base…!



Here’s the ARTFX statue (1/6 scale) of Freddy Krueger!
Those of you who saw this display at the show might have realized something.
I wonder what sort of gimmick will come with this statue…?! Please look forward to the pre-order start date!

Also, we’ve got new announcements from the My Little Pony BISHOUJO and G.I. Joe BISHOUJO series! But we will save that for another time…!

So, what do you think? More updates coming soon♪





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