Update from Wonder Festival: Sculpt for AGNIRAGE on Display!

テーマ:Plastic Model

Mr. Arigato here with another update from YUKI:


Hey everyone, it’s YUKI from planning. Since I wasn’t able to update the blog during January, I’ve got a lot of new info to share today.

One year after the silhouette reveal, the long-awaited sculpt for AGNIRAGE is finally complete!



Some parts of the frame are the same ones used for Voltrex.



As you can see, this model has fangs which is rare in the Hexa Gear series. Each part of the mouth can be opened.



Out of all of the completed plastic model sculpts at this time, Agnirage is the largest.
It was displayed at Wonder Festival in two poses: one with its wings spread in flight, and another where it’s swooping in for a landing.



Here’s another new Hexa Gear that was shown at Wonder Festival.

Bandit Wheel

The Gigantic Arms Series’ Rapid Raider is a racing bike, but Bandit Wheel is a more spartan model to match the world of Hexa Gear.



Its imposing appearance was designed to match  ZOANTHROPUS-LÖWE. We haven’t had the chance to get any pictures yet, but this bike will also have a flying mode.



The exhaust pipes can be divided into several parts. The tires are made of the same PVC as the ones for Rayblade Impulse.



The kit also comes with a toolbox that can be stowed behind the seat. It’s perfect for storing the hammer or pliers that you can use with your Governor models.

Since I’ve already covered a lot of ground, here’s an abridged version of the other new models.



Abyss Crawler

This third generation Hexa Gear is equipped with biting scissors and optical shields for strengthened defense capabilities.



Hexa Gear Booster Pack 2

This is a collection of customization parts that are useful for upgrading your Hexa Gear.



One customization you can make with this pack is this mysterious underwater exploration mech.



Blockbuster VF Version



This version boasts a new color scheme and the Multi Missile weapon unit.



Motor Punisher LA Version

This is a set featuring a Motor Punisher model with the Rayblade Impulse color scheme and a Sentinel with the A1 color scheme.



Armor Type Sentinel

This model was designed after the Liberty Alliance characters that appear in the Episode 001 video on the official Hexa Gear site.



This efficient team carries out missions as a two man unit. I hope you’ll try assembling your own set!



I’d also like to announce some major updates that are coming to the official site!

We will be implementing a system that will allow users to post their own customizations. The update is planned for May of 2018.

Follow along on the blog, official site, or official twitter for updates.


And finally….



This is a massive Hexa Gear designed for defending crucial generator shafts

This is a concept design for the actual product. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of requests for tank and crawler type models, so we had MORUGA draw up a design for a sort of final boss that protects the generator shafts.



It has a multi-seat cockpit.



Here’s a graphic of the internal construction.

It is not officially decided whether or not this will be made into a product, so please give us your feedback!

We’re working hard to expand the Hexa Gear so we hope you’ll continue to explore the world. We look forward to your cooperation!


See you next time.







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