The Making of Fate/Apocrypha’s Rider of “BLACK”

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Hi everyone!

Mr. Arigato here with the latest behind-the-scenes interview for our Rider of “BLACK” figure, which began pre-orders last week. Today’s guests are hama from planning and Sculptor Chiu Ming-chi!


Why Fate/Aprocrypha?

hama: I loved Fate/Apocrypha so much that I read all five volumes in under a week (honestly, the whole Fate series is great)! It was the first time in a long while that I felt lonely after finishing a book, so I realized we had to make some figures from the series.


Fate/Apocrypha follows the conflict between two factions, “RED” and “BLACK.” With 14 Servants, their respective Masters, and a special “Ruler” that acts as a mediator, the series features a wide range of characters. For this line, we decided that making figures for three characters (one from RED, one from BLACK, and the special Ruler) would really help to recreate the shared relationships (and battles) between the characters that make the Fate series so great!


About the Figure

hama: One of the moments that made me especially glad we chose this character is when I got to show it to Rumi Okubo, the voice of Rider of BLACK in the anime adaptation. She was super excited about it, which made me really happy and encouraged me to give it my all!


Chiu: I worked really hard to get the figure’s dynamic posing just right. Rider of BLACK’s charms rival that of any cute girl, but he’s actually a man! That being said, I took a lot of care to make sure that his masculinity shows through in certain places.

Some of the examples are his jawline, shoulders, and hips.

I sculpted the character as a man, widening his shoulders a bit and making sure his waist isn’t too curvy. On the other hand, I didn’t want to go too far in the other direction and diminish the character’s cute side, so I took a lot of care to maintain a good balance of masculine and feminine when making the sculpt.


About the Base

hama: The base is designed after the fictional city of Trifas in Romania. Trifas is a place where the Servants gather and interact. One of interesting things about the Fate series is that the Servants are all based on historical figures that have miraculously gathered together from across time and space, and that’s the theme for this line of figures. I think that the shared setting of Trifas and the character’s casual clothing highlights this theme well.


Chiu: The figure is designed on the image of Rider of BLACK skipping through the streets of Trifas. It was difficult to decide on a design, but we went with this one because not only does it look good by itself, but it will also tie in nicely with the Saber of RED and Ruler that will be released later down the line.


Final Message for the Fans

hama: Saber of RED and Ruler are on their way! You can look forward to lining up all three servants on the streets of Trifas very soon!


Chiu: Take home your own adorable Rider of BLACK today!





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