STYLET Equipment Expansion Exam! (STYLET x M.S.G. Building Contest)

テーマ:Plastic Model

Contest Outline

The STYLET Equipment Expansion Exam (STYLET x M.S.G. Building Contest) will be held using the SA-16Ex STYLET MULTI WEAPON EXPANSION TEST TYPE and M.S.Gs.
This contest welcomes all users with varying levels of plastic model painting experience.
All entries will be judged at the end of the entry period. Awards will be announced after judging is complete. 

Create your own original STYLET by fully utilizing the hard point units on each part and attaching M.S.Gs.

Please carefully read all instructions before participating in this contest.

Eligible Products


Submission Period

Submissions will be accepted from July 1, 2020 at 12:00 a.m.(JST) to September 22, 2020 at 11:59 p.m (JST).


Announcement of Results

To be announced mid-October 2020.
The contest winners will receive an email from “” at the same time the results page goes live.



You will receive a crystal trophy engraved with the name of your work and nickname!



You will receive an assortment of M.S.Gs!
*You can submit more than one work, but only one award will be selected per person. If the same person is found to have won the contest under a different user name, the winner will be disqualified.
*Trophy specifications are subject to change without notice.


Entry Regulations




How to Enter

Enter by clicking the “ENTRY” button at the end of the contest page.


Entry Requirements

*Both professionals and amateurs are welcome.
*Only works created by the person who entered the contest will be accepted.


Images to Submit

●”Images for the Entry Page” and “Images for Regulation Check” are required to enter the contest.

●The width of the submitted image needs to be approximately 1200px and saved in a JPEG or PNG format (.jpg .png) with a maximum of 1MB file size per image.

●Please name the file using alphanumeric characters. File names with Chinese characters, hiragana, or two-byte characters may not be posted correctly.

●No printed materials, CD-ROMs, or any other mailed-in submissions will be accepted.

Images for the Entry Page

*Click to enlarge the images on this page.
These images will appear on the “List of Entries” page.
You can submit up to six images for [Main Cut], [Front], [Side], [Back], and [2 Free Images (action poses, close-ups of details, etc.)].
The two free images are optional and are not required for submission.
The main image can be posed and shot from any angle.
Please submit whichever photo you think looks the “coolest.”

〇Examples of Submissions

*Please ensure that products/characters from other companies do not appear in photos submitted for this contest.


Images for Regulation Check

These images will not appear on the “List of Entries” page.
Please submit one image each for the front, back, and sides of the base model STYLET. Please ensure that STYLET does not get cut off in any of the images.
The images submitted for the regulation check are used for checking the parts and structures by the operation staff.
Please note the following points:

  • Please take pictures in a bright environment so that it is easy to see the parts.
  • Please keep the background as simple as possible. (White wall surface, white drawing paper, etc.)
  • Please do not hide your work with a flying base so that the parts can be seen.
  • If your custom parts are hidden by shields and armor, we cannot check the regulations. In such cases, please remove them.
  • Please do not forget to write the parts you used in the “Parts Details” field in the entry page.
    *Delays in reviewing each work may cause delays to publish the images.
    In some cases, we may send an email to the submitter for additional clarification.

Example of Submission

Please take pictures of the back with the base removed, if possible, so that it is easier to see. If it is difficult for the model to stand on its own and there is a risk of damage, change the angle of the shot slightly with the base attached.

Photo shows the model at a slight angle.


List of Entries Page



Points of Caution


If any of the following points applies to the submitted entry, you will be disqualified from the contest or will be stripped of the award.

  • Works that violate entry regulations.
  • If it is confirmed that the work was not created by the applicant.
  • The submitted work could not be checked for regulations due to the submitted images being insufficient for full body identification.
  • Works that are judged to be unsuitable for publication due to reasons such as the inclusion of products or characters from other companies in the work.
  • Multiple entries can be submitted, but only one award will be given to one person, and if the same person is found to be the winner under a different user name, the award will be disqualified.
  • Entries that infringe or may infringe on the copyright or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, or other rights of a third party are prohibited.
    Any dispute with a third party arising out of an entry shall be resolved at the entrant’s own responsibility and expense, and the entrant shall be responsible for any damages incurred by the Company or other third parties as a result.
  • If we judge that any of the following apply or are likely to apply to your work, your entry will be excluded from the judging process and will be rejected.
    The winning entry may be cancelled.
  1. Works against public order and morals
  2. Works containing personal information
  3. Works with expressions that slander a specific person or group
  4. Imitation/Plagiarism
  5. Entries that do not fit the purpose of this contest
  6. Works that do not meet the entry regulations


Judging Criteria

This is a contest to test your mixing abilities with the SA-16Ex STYLET MULTI WEAPON EXPANSION TEST TYPE and M.S.Gs.
The main criteria for judging is how attractive the equipment expansion plan can be seen utilizing hard point units.


Judging Method

We will judge the works submitted according to the entry method and conditions.


Handling of Submitted Entries

The data of the submitted entries may be used free of charge in the following manner:
1. Posting on Kotobukiya’s website, blogs, SNS, etc.
2. Publication in Kotobukiya advertising materials
3. Publication in hobby magazines and other media
4. Publication in other forms deemed necessary for Kotobukiya promotional purposes

The submitted entry may be edited to the extent necessary to be published, such as adjusting the color of the photo, cropping, correcting typographical errors and omissions in the title and comments, and omitting parts of the comments.

The submitted images will be handled with the utmost care.


Confidentiality Agreement

Personal information collected in order to enter this contest will be used in the conditions listed below:
1. Managing entries for this contest
2. To respond to inquiries about the contest, to confirm entries, and to contact winners.

Personal information collected from entrants for this contest will not be provided to a third party unless the entrant has given his or her consent, is required by law, or is necessary for the use of the entries as set forth in the terms and conditions of the contest.

For further inquiries, please contact the following e-mail address.
KOTOBUKIYA Contest Staff E-mail:



If you have any questions about the availability of the products in the contest, please contact your nearest retailers.
The contents of this site are subject to change without notice.

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In the event of any discrepancies in the description, the content of the linked page takes precedence.

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