SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN Open Campus: Lifestyle Display


To celebrate the start of pre-orders for the first in the SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN lineup, Madoka Yuki, a mini virtual exhibition will be held. On this page, you can enjoy photos of Madoka Yuki and her friends helping YOU to build model kits! ♪



Helping to Build Model Kits ♪

They all look so cute when they are helping to build a plastic model kit! I wonder if they are working together to make Madoka’s school bag. Each Madoka model kit is shown with a different face part! The way the Madokas can be seen holding a nipper anxiously or carrying a design knife for dear life are all perfectly captured in this photo. The ponytail style on the right really shows Madoka is trying her best to get the job done!



Gourai Watching Over Madoka
Gourai can be seen watching over her “kouhai” (underclassman) Madoka Yuki as she helps in the plastic model kit building process. Although Gourai looks expressionless, I’m sure she’s worried about Madoka working too hard. The smart phone and school bag in her hand really bring out the student-like look!



Hornet and Her Squad

While Gourai is watching over Madoka with concern, the Hornet and her squad can be seen relaxing at a café table nearby… It would be fun to try building a dollhouse to match the scale of the girls and their tables! The “After School” series, of course, is a great set to purchase to customize your plastic model kit collection, but you can also try to find miniature accessories to decorate with at your local 100 yen store or from a gacha gacha machine.



What did you think?
I hope we were able to give you some fun ideas and ways to play with Madoka when you bring her home!
Be sure to decorate your Madoka Yuki, Frame Arms Girls, and Megami Device girls in various adorable styles! 



©KOTOBUKIYA / FAGirl Project 
©Masaki Apsy

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