Release Date Approaching! Introducing Archer Runner!

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Hi Megami Masters!

The weather is getting colder, but hopefully no one caught a cold?
Health is a plastic modeler’s greatest asset! So please take care of yourself as you enjoy building Megami models!

Moving on, I’d like to introduce the long awaited 6th release Asra Archer!
Asra Archer will be available in stores starting on Monday January 29th 2018 (please note that schedule may differ depending on each store and shipping arrangements)


Today I’ll be unboxing Archer right before the release date.

Take a look at this beautiful illustration by Nidy-2D-san. The package even has a gorgeous clear coating.


Following the previously released Ninja, this kit includes a large amount of runners. With a huge bow for the main weapon, this kit has the largest surface area out of all the Megamis. (probably)

We tried a little too hard separating all the colors too…

Looking at the face parts always makes me laugh “fufu…”. Look at this high quality tampo stamped face parts only possible with Kotobukiya’s craftsmanship.


And here’s what 100 billion people has been waiting for!




Same as Ninja, the articulation and joint parts on Z runner are made of POM material, which makes them tougher against damage. This runner contains parts for various general use.

Megami Device is famous for including a lot of decal sheets. I was worried when Ninja was on sale and wondered if there are even that many plastic model kit masters who would use these decals, but surprisingly I saw a lot of people use them on SNS.

Archer comes with many border red decals as well as shades of red for her iconic blushing face.


In addition, “Urukome ②” booklet is also included. Comments from Karashiichi, Asai, Nouchi, and Toriyama are on every page


And that sums up the unboxing of Asra Archer.
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Please look forward to this item coming out soon!

Toriwo Toriyama (“Megami Jiggle” P)




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