Raging Booster & Solid Raptor “Stylet Raging Fully Armed Custom Unit

テーマ:Plastic Model

Hey everyone, it’s YUKI from the planning division!

Today I’m going to introduce a custom version of Stylet made with two of the upcoming Heavy Weapon Units :

Heavy Weapon Unit 18 Raging Booster


Heavy Weapon Unit 19 Solid Raptor!

It’s called Stylet Raging Fully Armed Custom.

You can see pictures of this customization with the product images for the Heavy Weapon units. We’ve gotten a lot of comments asking about this customization, so I’ll explain it below.

The back piece is a bit complicated so I’ve broken it down in following image:

This is a list of the parts used. Take note that this customization also uses parts from the Killer Beak Heavy Weapon Unit.

First, we’ll make the wings. Attach the parts as seen in the picture. The other side is the same.

Attach the booster from Killer beak to the base of the Raging Booster.

Add the wings we made earlier.

Attach the T-joint part (the three holes should be facing up) of the Killer beak to the Solid Raptor slide hanger. Attach the jet engines to the side of the T-joint part.

Attach the Gatling gun to the unit.

Complete the base for the Raging Booster, and add the extender attachment to the connection point.

Back view

The completed back unit looks like this.

Next, we’ll exchange the lower half of Stylet’s legs with the Raging Boosters.

Attach the shoulder cannons and initiate docking.

Equip the solid raptor shield and the killer beak rifle and your custom unit is complete!

Once again, here’s a lineup shot of all the parts used.


Both of the Heavy Weapon Units introduced today will be available in the Kotobukiya shops on Thursday, January 18th!

*Availability may vary by location


So, what do you think?

With a quick changing-out of a few parts, you can give your Aerial Frame Arms model even more fire power. I hope you’ll give it a shot.


Anyways, that’s all for today.

See you next time!




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