[New Product Announcement] Black Tortoise joins as the latest Frame Arm!

テーマ:Plastic Model

Hey everyone! This is Agent Leu reporting in on an update from Gensui!

Wonder Festival is today (2/18)!

For those of you who can’t make it, you can check out our event site via link below!

There are tons of FA releases for 2018, but I’d like to show you products with pre-orders starting this week.



The latest Frame Arms, large scaled heavy armored Black Tortoise –Genbu–

This new Frame Arms was designed by the world famous designer, Youji Shinkawa (KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Co., Ltd.).
Prototype sculpted by Katsuhiko Hori, who has been modeling the mechanical designs by Shinkawa for many years. Following Baihu, Hori is able to express the specific forms for each model in an extravagant way.



This kit includes three exclusive weapons, Rocket Launcher (x1), Rifle (x1), Sword (x1).

The blade on the sword is made with clear plastic.
Although the image shows the Rocket Launcher being held on the right hand, you can switch hands by using various combination parts.



Image from the back.
This might be the first for FA. Distinctive spherical vernier and propellant tanks are connected via 3mm axis parts.
You can see the 3mm holes from the side in this picture.

Here’s the same photo as seen in the beginning.



Remove the upper propellant tank to suspend various attachments.
As seen in the photo, Rifle and Rocket Launcher can be attached to the side of the forearm.



I think many people will be pleased with this.
You can remove the spike on top of the head for a curved silhouette.
You can display the spike or use a plastic board to make your own spike!


Standing at 180mm tall, this is classified as an extra-large FA.
(I think this is close to the size of Kagutsuchi・Otsu + Extended Booster…)
The package size will be around the same size as JAGD Falx.


Speaking of which, this was first displayed last year at All Japan Model and Hobby Show. Sorry for the wait.

The latest Frame Arms, large scaled heavy armored Black Tortoise –Genbu–

Again, pre-order starts this week!

This is the first brand new Frame Arms of the year! Please pick it up and take a closer look if you get a chance m(_ _)m





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