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Thank you for continuing to support the MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series!


Thanks to everyone’s help, the fifth entry in the series is finally available for pre-orders!


SRP: $109.99 USD (12,000 JPY)

Month of Release (in Japan): July 2020


Available worldwide in August 2020! Check with your local retailer for more details!



MY LITTLE PONY is a popular toy and animated series created by American toy and entertainment company Hasbro and has charmed children throughout the world over the past several decades. The brand was brought to life through toys in 1983 and followed with an animated series.

The brand was reimagined in 2010 in the form of an animated show known as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which became popular with adults as well as children and became a cultural phenomenon.

From the 1980s to this day, the franchise is widely beloved by people throughout the world!


About the Design

Like the rest of the My Little Pony BISHOUJO series, Rainbow Dash’s art was created by BISHOUJO series illustrator Shunya Yamashita! (@ShunyaYamashita

The BISHOUJO’s appearance is based on the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film, where the ponies from Friendship is Magic go through a magic mirror to become human girls. It is not an exact representation of that character design, but rather a unique illustration that features lots of small details that represent the pony’s personality from the series as a whole.

This is the final version of the illustration that took shape as we discussed the character and design with Hasbro.


Up-Close Details

The pony that loves to soar through the sky is now here!

Rainbow Dash, the pony that clears the skies in Ponyville by zooming across town, joins Kotobukiya’s My Little Pony BISHOUJO series lineup!

Rainbow Dash was our most requested pony since the conception of this project!

Keep reading to get a special first look at this statue!


Up-Close Detail #1: The Hair

Take a look at this unique rainbow-colored ponytail!

The edgy mane and tail that this pony is best known for have been redesigned into a high ponytail in this all new human portrayal!

I worked together with our sculpting team from the illustration process to sculpting to ensure that the rainbow-colored streaks look as realistic as possible…!

Look at this glory from the back.

This hairstyle is separated into more sections and separate pieces than any other BISHOUJO we have ever made!!

Each strand of hair is so full of life. ☆

Rainbow Dash’s flight goggles have pony ears attached, and the lenses have been made out of clear parts to give it a realistic glass look! You can clearly see her hair through each lens!

The frames of the goggles have been colored with metallic silver paint, giving it an almost flashy vintage look. I hope you guys enjoy the balance between the tomboy and cutesy design of these original goggles!

Also, don’t these goggles just look durable enough to withstand the speed and velocity at which the pony can fly?


Up-Close Detail #2: The Costume Design

The large cutie mark decorating the tank top represents the very essence of Rainbow Dash, but the jacket she’s wearing also adds to her character; it isn’t an ordinary jacket!

The rib-knit fabric design on the sleeves and bottom of the jacket and the zippered pocket component on the upper arm is based on an MA-1 bomber jacket!

The MA-1 bomber jacket was originally created during the emergence of the American jet age and increased in popularity amongst pilots ever since. When you think of pilots, you think of people flying through the air at high speeds; much like Rainbow Dash who looks up to the renowned acrobatic team, the Wonder Bolts!

(I originally wanted to color the inside of the jacket orange, but I decided to stay true to the fully blue color of the original pony design.)

Don’t miss out on the details in the sculpting of the soft and fluffy wristband, or even the seams in the shorts. ♪

Also, check out the adorable wings and Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark adorning these hi-tech sneakers!

From the thick material to the soles full of cushioning, Rainbow Dash’s sneakers are perfect for any athlete while still looking utterly adorable.

And of course, a cutie mark decorates the bottom of the shoe!

Don’t these shoes look perfect to jump around in? ♪


Up-Close Detail #3: The Lively Pose

Rainbow Dash’s pose is full of energy!

With the fist being strongly pumped into the air, and the left hand clenched closed but ready to spring into action are all components that illustrate Rainbow Dash’s energetic personality to the tee.

Also, look how cute the Rainbow Dash pony looks from this angle. She looks as if she is plotting her next move…!

We made sure to sculpt Rainbow Dash as being more toned and muscular than the other ponies as well.


Up-Close Detail #4: The Pony

Just like the previously released My Little Pony BISHOUJO statues, we made sure to sculpt the pony as close to the original pony design as possible; which means we paid extra attention to each part and joint to create a fluid motion in the pose.

And, of course, look at the long eyelashes on the pony!!!

The Rainbow Dash pony also looks as if she is ready to take flight at any moment!

And much like the human version, we made sure to paint and sculpt both the mane and hair to perfection, making the hair look smooth and fluid.

The detail in the hair is something fans will truly be able to enjoy even more in person!

The base showcases Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark being decorated throughout a blue sky.

*The base shown is a prototype. Final product may vary.


(Japanese: Pre-orders are open until Friday, 3/3!

**All Kotobukiya products produced are based on the number of pre-orders.**

Depending on the number of pieces available, pre-orders may sell out at certain retailers.)


English Version: Pre-orders available now! Check with your local retailer for more details!


About the Lineup

The series will feature the whole Mane Six!

The pony’s poses are full of individuality, and the BISHOUJO designs really highlight each character’s personality.

We’ll do our best to transform them all into amazing BISHOUJO statues!

The paint master for Applejack will be on display for the first time worldwide at Wonder Festival 2020!

The production progress for the 6th My Little Pony BISHOUJO, Applejack, will also be shared to the public!


And also…!?


Stay tuned! Come visit us at Wonder Festival to see for yourself! ♪

Also, be sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates from the event:

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