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The popular MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series welcomes a new member!


\All of you, call me Luna!/


SRP: (14,000 JPY)
Month of Release (in Japan): September 2021

Since the start with the Pinkie Pie in May 2019, we’ve come this far…!

Appearing from Episode 1 of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic”, she has been popular among all of the My Little Pony fans.

Luna, nay, Her Highness Luna is finally joining our My Little Pony BISHOUJO lineup!!!

(Can’t stop calling her “Her highness”…) 


Up-Close Details

The costume was designed by Shunya Yamashita (@ShunyaYamashita) from scratch!

Up until now, the costume concept for the Mane Six members in this series was “What they would wear if they were living in our world”, so they were designed based on realistic fashion designs. But this time, I wanted the Princesses to wear actual dresses!! So here it is! Two princesses in gorgeous dresses!


The contrasting personalities of the two princesses are reflected in the design too!

The sisters who managed the sun and the moon, separated by their fate…

The two statues had to look great when displayed together, that was the minimum line. The concept was drawn up to incorporate their personalities and their unique charm.

Thank you, Shunya Yamashita, for the awesome design that combines everything in this beautiful form!


Up-Close Detail #1: Costume Design

Her overall design is inspired by her days in captivity for 1000 years and her noble attitude, sometimes appearing intimidating to approach. Her facial expressions and the pose speaks her personality!

 Careful attention is given to the tip of her fingers, giving her a noble and assertive look!


The dress is based on the gothic-style!

 Because she is the “Princess of the Night”, the dress was based on the style, and polished to give it elegance and high-class looking design that can serve as a party dress.

The corset often used in the gothic-style is part of her dress design, for the style, but also as a motif of her captivity in the past. (Considering her personality, the first idea that naturally came to my mind was “Gothic-style dress with corset”)

The frills around her waist is inspired from her wings in folded position.  

The textile on the backside has a beautiful gradual change in transparency. The skirt is inspired by her signature hair flowing about.

(And also gives elegance to the cute looking dress!)

Her heels are based on the shoes she is wearing in both her pony form and her human form.

This is because…



The shape seems to be based on the fleur-de-lis symbol that has been used in political, artistic and dynastic/heraldic contexts. I wanted to retain this symbolism in the design to emphasize their noble origin.

Shoes on Princess Celestia has higher platform on the toe, making it a bit different from Princess Luna’s.


The high heels were chosen to incorporate the slender silhouette of horse’s legs.


Up-Close Detail #2: The Hair and the Mane

Using clear plastic and glitter to bring the colors of her beautiful hair with nightly shine!

It’s always a challenge to think about how to bring the beautiful mane that the ponies have into the design. After a long thought and revisions, we have decided on this design and decor to make Princess Luna’s hair as beautiful and as sparkly as it is in the original series.  

Of course, a lot of thought and care has been put into the design and décor for both the pony form and the BISHOUJO form to retain the original design, and make it as beautiful as it can, while staying within practical limitations and having affordable price tag (which is super important!).  


If you shine light from the back side, you can appreciate the changing colors and translucency!

The puffy sleeves are also made with smoky plastic, giving her dress a nice touch♪


Up-Close Detail #3: Settings Behind the Details

 “Why does Luna have horn?”

(Others like Twilight Sparkle, Rarity or Princess Celestia don’t have them…)

This was one of the questions I saw when we published the illustration. There’s actually a reason behind that! (Well spotted! Thanks a lot!)

As Her Highness Luna has been spending her time alone for a long time, she didn’t have much chances to meet other people. That gave me an inspiration to the design with her horn, thinking she could forget to hide the horn when she turned into her human form.

The manicure decorates her nails, giving her a nice touch of turquoise blue, as if she has been taking care of her nails by herself. 

*Her Highness Princess Celestia has natural pink color to her nails.


Up-Close Detail #4: The Pony

This time, the Pony portion has its own base!!

You can display the pony figure however you like and appreciate her from any angle♪Be sure to try out different positions!

We paid a lot of attention to the parts and joints to realize her cute silhouette.

Just like before, her eyelashes are separate and sculpted three-dimensionally.


The mane and tail with beautiful colors of the night sky.

It was a challenge to recreate the wavy flow and amount of her mane without drifting off from the silhouette in the series. Colors and its gradual change were especially difficult, but through multiple revisions and discussion among the team, we’ve achieved this beautiful pony statue.

Because we were able to reduce the number of parts, the mane and the tail has more translucency than on the BISHOUJO portion.

(With higher translucency on BISHOUJO statue, the parting lines between the parts will stand out, so the hair is less translucent on the BISHOUJO.)


Just look at her beautiful silhouette……!

Compared to the previous Mane Six members, she has a taller and more slender silhouette, giving her more mature and noble look.


Like with the BISHOUJO portion, her shoes have the fleur-de-lis motif.

With the shiny silver paint, she looks gorgeous!

(Her accessories and tiara are also decorated with metallic paint, and carefully retains the texture.)



To add this gorgeous statue to your collection, be sure to pre-order today!

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Her elder sister will look gorgeous together! Princess Celestia is in the works right now!

We’ll post updates on upcoming products through our social media, so stay tuned!


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