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Today, I’m showcasing the latest addition to the ever popular MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series. The next after Princess Luna can only be Princess Celestia!


Month of Release (in Japan): November 2021
SRP: 159.99 (17,600JPY)


Princess Luna is still currently available for pre-order, but her sister Princess Celestia is joining the party!

There is a lot to talk covering all of the amazing details our product planner SHO-GUN focused on, so let’s dive right in!


An All-New Original Design by Shunya Yamashita!

The previous BISHOUJO statues of the Mane 6 ponies were designed based on their human appearances in the “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls” series. But Princess Celestia and Princess Luna did not appear in their human forms in that series, which means these human forms are completely original designs made for Kotobukiya!

Also, the Mane 6 wear more casual outfits that you would see day to day. But for these special two sisters, the outfits they wear is more elegant and divine.

The original idea behind their costume came from SHO-GUN’s idea that “Princesses usually live in a castle, so they must be usually wearing dresses every day…!”

Based on this concept, Shunya Yamashita(@ShunyaYamashita)thus created these amazing dress designs.

Let’s take a closer look at these designs.


Up-Close Detail #1: The Costume

Contrary to the tense-looking Princess Luna, Princess Celestia’s pose emanates her calm and warm personality.

The smile on her face reflects her kind nature towards her apprentice Twilight Sparkle and as the benevolent ruler of the Equestria.

Also, the costumes are designed based on her pony form.

Her tiara, necklace, chain belt, and shoes all glimmer in a golden color.

Compared to Princess Luna or the other ponies, Princess Celestia is a more slender looking pony. To recreate her pony figure, her dress design is more form-fitting but then flares out towards the skirt hem. The ruffles on the bottom of the dress then replicates the beautiful flowing tail of her pony form.


Her beautiful feathered wings are incorporated into the design as shoulder straps. It’s hard to appreciate the design from the back, hidden behind her hair, but it’s been carefully sculpted in the finest detail!

The cutie marks on the Mane 6 girls were printed on their costumes, but for these two princesses, their marks are recreated as accessories.
For Princess Celestia, the sun-shaped cutie mark is hanging from the chain belt on her waist.

The beautiful silhouette of her voluminous tail is recreated into the mermaid-shape dress design with the flowing hem.

Princess Celestia’s heels is similar to Princess Luna’s as it is designed based on a horse’s slender legs and incorporates a fleur-de-lis motif. However, Princess Celestia’s heels is a bit different from Princess Luna’s as the front tips are pointed upwards, giving her a more formal style.


The sisters who control the sun and the moon, separated by their fate…

When coming up with the concepts for these statues, the most basic requirement was that the princesses must be able to be displayed together but also retained their individual charm and uniqueness.

The waves of their hair that is flowing in opposite directions but yet complements each other is a beautiful sight to behold.


Up-Close Detail #2: The Painting

Celestia’s wavy and colorful flowing hair is made of clear plastic and painted with a pearl coloring. Glitter is also added to create the high-class elegance that defines her.

Her sculpt was also carefully planned so that the color of each bundle of hair is completely separate yet flows together even when mass produced.

*The mane and the tail of the pony also uses the same material as her hair.


The dress is also painted with a pearl coloring and uses the blue, green and pink colors of her hair in a soft yet vibrant gradation at the hem.

Taking a closer her at her hands, you can see that her nails are of a healthy pink color.
Also, the way that her hands are posed further displays her elegance!


Up-Close Detail #3: The Tiny Details

You might be wondering, “Why does Princess Luna have a horn, but Princess Celestia doesn’t?”
They both have it on their pony form after all!

We’ve mentioned it in the previous introduction for Princess Luna, but there’s a reason for this! Princess Celestia, along with the Mane 6 girls, is supposed to be familiar with transforming into their human form.

Princess Luna, on the other hand, is not used to it after 1,000 years being alone, so the design incorporates the idea that she would forget to hide her horn when transforming into a human. It is through this sort of reasoning that creates the concepts for the BISHOUJO designs!


Up-Close Detail #4: Everyone’s Favorite, the Pony!

Just like with Princess Luna, the pony has its own base to display separately from the BISHOUJO statue.

Also, you can appreciate the pony’s beauty from any angle.

There are also more display options as well since you can display the ponies side-by-side by themselves or just the BISHOUJO statues!

As with previous ponies, recreating the cute silhouette was top priority, so we’ve paid close attention to the parts separation in the sculpt.

The eyelashes are sculpted in 3D just like before!

She has a beautiful figure just like Princess Luna!

The way that the hair flow on the BISHOUJO forms complements each character is also replicated with the ponies’ tails and manes.



Displayed together, they look gorgeous and it would feel as if your house turned into Canterlot Castle!

Be sure to add this amazing collaborative work made with lots of love from SHO-GUN, Hasbro, and Shunya Yamashita to your My Little Pony collection and pre-order today!


Pre-order end date may vary between regions. Check with your local retailer for further details!

** All Kotobukiya products are produced based on the number of pre-orders. ** 


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