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Hello everyone!

Today we’re going to get acquainted with the 7th entry in Kotobukiya’s Megami Device Series, “Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl!” Magical Girl went on pre-order a few weeks ago, and we’ve already received several reservations.

A big thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered!

You can see Magical Girl’s listing on Kotobukiya’s homepage here! (Link in Japanese)



Magical Girl has been introduced on the official Megami Device blog before, but today we’re going to get a closer look with lots of photos from the latest photo shoot!

(The product is still in development so there may be some changes in the final version.)

(Also, this is a resin duplicate of the original sculpt. She has been through lots of exhibitions and photo shoots, so the paint may be worn in some places.)

You can see the blog post introducing the Chaos & Pretty series here (Link in Japanese)


Design by Nagi-san

Her adorable white, yellow, and pink color scheme gives her a different image from the previous Megami Devices.



One of the defining features of her armor is the skirt. It floats lightly around her waist, connecting to her back.

The skirt has a pivot point that allows you to swing it back and forth, giving the model a huge range of flexibility. All of the openings around the edge of the skirt are 3mm joints that are compatible with a variety of parts.



The arm and leg bands can also be exchanged with ones that have 3mm joints for even more customization. The length of the legs is adjusted to match the thicker leg bands, making the length of the legs the same as the previous Megami Devices. In other words, Magical Girl was made using a brand new mold!

You can attach any kind of parts as long as they have a 3mm connector.



Magical Girl’s weapons can be broken down, and they’re all equipped with 3mm joints, making them easy to play with and customize. For the standard build, she holds the Magical Rod in her right hand and the Magical Shield in the left.

Magical Sasumata, Magical Mace, Magical Bat

Magical Meteor Hammer, Magical Meteor Hammer+

And these are just a few examples! There’s no end to the amount of magical weapons you can make!

There are even more examples on the product page and the blog post linked above, so be sure to check them out!



This time’s model kit is also jam-packed with lots of special effect parts. The Multiple Magical Circles come in several tiered sizes, so you can use one by itself or stack them up.

The flash effect parts are made of clear yellow plastic. And of course, everything is equipped with 3mm joints so you can attach them anywhere on Magical Girl, other Megami Devices, and even Kotobukiya’s other plastic model kits such as Frame Arms Girls or Hexa Gear.

Magical Body Blow (standard, medium, and strong)

Magical Body Blow ULTRA

“Magical Body Blow” was invented by the ingenious Asai-san at last year’s Koto Fest Talk Show.



Here she is in her unarmed form!

Magical Girl is the first Megami Device to come with flesh colored arm and leg parts. The PVC hand parts are also flesh colored. She also comes with a plain head that doesn’t have the mecha parts.

*It was recently decided that she would also come with brown hair, but the sample part didn’t make it in time for the photo shoot. The final version will include the pink and brown hair, so don’t worry!

The bare feet with toes are another first in the Megami Device series.
Magical Girl will ship in early summer. The bare feet are perfect for the warmer weather!



Like the other Megami Devices, Magical Girl comes with three faces:
Normal, Winking, and Angry.



Anyways, that’s all for today!

I hope you’re looking forward to Magical Girl, I know I am! I think she brings a really unique aspect to the Megami Device series.

See you next time!
-Mr. Arigato





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