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Hey everyone! Agent Leu reporting in!

Out of all the anime I’ve watched last season, one of my favorite was definitely Made in Abyss, an anime based on the manga series by Akihito Tsukushi. The story centers around a young orphan girl named Riko, who, along with a mysterious robot boy named Reg, goes on an adventure in search of her mother in the Abyss.

This is definitely not your everyday adventure story though. Despite the adorable illustration, the story is quite… well, unique, and probably not for the faint of heart.

I can go on and on about how awesome the anime and manga is, but today I’m here to show you guys an exclusive look at Kotobukiya’s upcoming anime figure of one of the most beloved characters from Made in Abyss… NANACHI!!!

Made in Abyss Nanachi Figure

Japan: 8,000 yen (+tax) Available in March 2018
US: $79.99 (+tax) Available in April 2018


Click on this pink button to access the Kotobukiya Online Shop (Japan)

For US, please visit!

OH MY GOODNESS. Just look at her! She’s so cute and fluffy and adorable and so precious! Let’s check out the turnaround for Nanachi!


She has a tiny base designed after the Abyss! Awwww~

Don’t miss your chance to take home this adorable Harehate (hallow), Nanachi!


Until next time! Agent Leu, over and out!


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