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I’ve been waiting for this day for years….! It’s finally here…! 


SRP: $129.99 USD (12,800 JPY)

Month of Release (in Japan): November 2020


The infamous Leatherface is from…!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Edition is currently available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime!

*The 40th Anniversary Edition is so HD that you can see the details in the hair on the corpse shown right at the opening sequence of the film! Highly recommend!

Despite its limited quantity of onscreen gore, due to the film’s violent content, the film was only shown in select theaters in 1974 and was banned in several countries and regions across the United States. The master film is now a part of the permanent collection of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art

It’s not just a panic movie where a “scary big man with a chainsaw” is chasing after you, but it’s an experience that’s more like a “Devil’s Sacrifice”* than a film…!

*Note: “Devil’s Sacrifice” is the Japanese title for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

Leatherface recently appeared in the popular online asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead By Daylight, and has become a household name among the younger generation.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the gold standard for horror movies, and for the history of cinema!

The character I had always dreamed of adding to the BISHOUJO lineup ever since the conception of the HORROR BISHOUJO line is finally here…!

 With beloved illustrator Shunya Yamashita’s @ShunyaYamashita)expert design, Leatherface’s appearance has been fully revamped while retaining its original look!

It was hard to add a new twist to the character’s design the original Bubba Sawyer is already so symbolic, but thanks to the cooperation of Shunya Yamashita and the licensor, we’ve added a lot of spice to this BISHOUJO!

So without further ado, I proudly present to you some of my favorite points of this new BISHOUJO statue!


Up-Close Detail ①: Staying True to the Character

Behold the outfit! The physical features!! The facial expression!!! The pose!!!! (Yes, look at every detail, my friends.)

Leatherface can be seen wearing an oversized men’s size shirt.

In this rendition of Leatherface, you can see her wearing clothes that don’t quite fit the body perfectly since she feels no need to go shopping for clothes; why do so when you can rip off and steal the clothing of your victims? She can also be seen with a lack of common sense with the way she blatantly runs around without pants on.

The dazed expression as she latches onto her bloody chainsaw gives off an ominous yet innocent look.

The imbalance of childlike innocence and the alluring physique truly brings out Leatherface’s personality and looks.

This BISHOUJO statue has been sculpted with utmost attention to detail in each curve of the body, even more so than many of our past BISHOUJO statues. 

JASON VOORHEES BISHOUJO STATUE is another BISHOUJO statue based on a horror classic. While Jason’s figure was sculpted to look more fit and muscular, Leatherface looks voluptuous in a different way.

(Even in the film, Jason looks more fit than Leatherface does.)

The body is well-balanced with the thin limbs and the skin-meets-skin on the various curves of the body.

The overall flow of the body looks beautiful from every angle and crevice…!


Up-Close Detail ②: Staying True to the Film

Mouth slightly open and dazed…

This look of sheer apathy despite her hands being completely stained in blood is rooted in the setting and personality of Leatherface in the film.


And look at the bracelet around the left wrist!

Some may ask, “did Leatherface really wear this bracelet in the film?” This bracelet was actually not worn in the first half of the film, but Leatherface can be seen wearing this same bracelet after encountering a certain victim. (It’s a war trophy!)

Bells are often worn as a symbol of good luck, which is quite ironic given the circumstances of this bracelet in the film.

This item truly represents Leatherface’s cruel nature, so it is something I wanted to include in the statue.

But, of course, the biggest selling point of this statue is the Masked Face Part included in the packaging!

The seams and features of the mask’s design are perfectly shrunk down to the BISHOUJO scale.

The wire that holds the shape around the mouth in place is what creates that realistic mask feel!

This mask has a three-dimensional structure that looks like Leatherface is donning real human flesh on her face.


Up-Close Detail ③: The Chainsaw

The chainsaw has also been sculpted with the utmost attention to detail.

With the help of Kotobukiya’s master sculptor, Mitsuru Hoya, the chainsaw is reproduced by the almost primitive style of “take a million screenshots of the film and identify the chainsaw model based on the details shown” tactic!

Enjoy comparing all of the details in this chainsaw to the one shown in-film! ♪

As a final touch, we created the tip of the blade with clear parts to make the color and drip of the blood look real.


Up-Close Detail ④: The Base

The dust-covered floor, the feathers, the plethora of bones… Every element of this base brings “that room” to life.

Mysterious bones and teeth can be seen scattered throughout the floor. Whose bones are they…? 

The rough sculpting of the floorboards is incorporated to enhance the dusty feeling of the room, bringing the image closer to that of the film.

From the tips of the hair down to the dust particles on the grounds… Every single detail has been replicated to perfection by sculptor TSUBAME’s hands!

TSUBAME was the sculptor in charge of our MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series. TSUBAME has the ability to bring to life cute and adorable characters, but also has the ability to bring your childhood nightmares to life…!


Be sure to add this revolutionary BISHOUJO statue to your very own collection!

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre TM & © 1974 VORTEX, INC./KIM HENKEL/TOBE HOOPER



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