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Following Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle ,Fluttershy , RarityApple jack・・・

the Officially Licensed MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series is now back with another new limited edition makeover!


SRP: 109.99 USD (12,000 JPY)
Month of Release (in Japan): Oct 2022

Available exclusively at Kotobukiya Stores in Japan!
Worldwide customers will be able to preorder this product through select local retailers!

Rainbow Dash is the sixth pony to have the make-over after  Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle ,Fluttershy , Rarity、Apple jack・・

Let me just put this out there

This is a limited edition item and is only available in limited quantities.
We have no plans to reproduce this particular item!!!

Availability is based on the number of pieces available, and pre-orders may sell out at certain retailers.
Pre-order as soon as possible in order to secure your statue! 

Beautiful translucent hair filled with glitter!

As with the past two ponies, the hair is made of clear plastic and filled with glitter! The glistening of the hair as the light shines through is just so pretty… ♪

Be sure to enjoy how the translucency of the hair changes as well depending on the angle!

Just look at the candy-like look and texture! She is so adorable!
No matter how many times I see it, the sparkling glitter in the clear parts always gets me excited!  

See how the original variant and limited variant look side-by-side!

They each have a very different atmosphere and charm, so the all-new color variant version would be sure to please even fans who own the original variant!

The hue on BISHOUJO RAINBOWDASH’s body has been carefully fine-tuned.

Her skin tone is painted with a soft color just like the pony!

A lot of effort and care was also put into the color tone so that the BISHOUJO-style Rainbow Dash doesn’t look unnatural.

See how not only the mane and tail of the pony, but also the base is so sparkly!

This is a highly recommended special item for all Rainbow Dash fans out there!

Look at the sparkly package! ☆

This limited edition variant comes with a holographic package design!

(Sorrry, The package is in the works!)

As with the other MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO limited edition statues, Applejack comes in this special sparkly package!

Displayed all together, it almost feels as if you are in Ponyville yourself!♪

Reminder: For customers in Japan, this product is only available at Kotobukiya retail or online stores!!

For international customers, pre-order is available now! Check with your local retailer for availability details!

**This product is only available in limited quantities.**

Depending on the number of pieces available, pre-order quantities may sell out at certain retailers.

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My Little Pony BISHOUJO series available for purchase right now!

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