DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Event Report ①!! Here’s what it looked like!



Hi, it’s Shogun in charge of the DEAD BY DAYLIGHT statues, here to tell you about the “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Statue Release Event” which was scheduled to be held at Kotobukiya Akihabara Store!

Believe it or not, the event site had actually been set up and completed before cancellation due to extension of the state of emergency!





I couldn’t bear the fact that nobody may ever see any of it, so…

I decided to head out to the venue myself!

I’d like to report to you all the atmosphere of the event as much as possible and hope you can get a feel of what it was supposed to be like, along with some valuable materials from the production process!


Welcoming everyone at the entrance is the main visual of the game! 

Makes you want to hurry right in, doesn’t it?


Here’s the sticker that was planned to be handed out at the entrance!

Are you seeing the size of this? It almost covers the whole palm of my hand!


We’re first greeted by an (almost) life-sized “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Wraith,” which will be released this October.


Here’s a product sample of the popular “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Trapper” currently in stores!


The “Hillbilly” statue was also displayed to be the first reveal of the production sample!

This is the version that will be delivered to you. Be spooked out by the detailed quality, sure to exceed your expectations.
* Already sold out at the Kotobukiya online store, even before release!



Beyond Hillbilly’s line of sight is your trusty window frame for those thrilling chases!


It was set as a photo spot where people could hop over like this!!
The red scratch marks were made in anticipation with many Survivors passing through. 


Beyond the window frame are the (almost) life-sized Killers.

Be startled by the size of the Huntress, 


wish you hadn’t ran into the creepy Nurse (it doesn’t make it any less scary that it’s too dark and we can’t see the weapon in her right hand),


and feel the Overwhelming Presence of the Doctor fill the room !


That’s not all!!


There’s a Survivor’s Perk List


 and a Killer’s Perk List!!!!

This is where I imagined people would talk about stuff like, “Which perk do you like?” and “Which perks work best together…”


You can also check out what the venue looked like from here!!


In report ②, we’ll show you panels with details on what we paid most attention to, which were exhibited at the venue.

Stay tuned☆


Check out Kotobukiya’s “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” statue series below.

Check with your local retailer for availability details!


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