【Ultra Rare!】ARTFX PREMIER Cosmic Ghost Rider Product Review


Hi! This is Bui from Kotobukiya’s product planning team! 

Today, I wanted to review the special seventh addition to our ARTFX PREMIER series: ARTFX PREMIER Cosmic Ghost Rider

When I first saw Cosmic Ghost Rider, I thought, “this funky character design must call for some powerful fight scenes and stories!” But his story began by raising a child: baby Thanos. Both unexpected and awesome. 

You can also see all the ARTFX PREMIER statues lined up in my room at the end of this review, so if you have time to browse anything, scroll through all the Cosmic Ghost Rider shots and photos of my room! I don’t even show my room to my co-workers, so this blog is a super rare opportunity to peek into the life of a real product planner. See, isn’t this blog ultra rare? 

Full Body Shots

First off, let’s start with a 360 of the statue! 

It’s awesome from any angle!! 

The dark background makes the cosmic head and cosmic chain really stand out! 

Compared to the rest of the male lineup in the ARTFX PREMIER series, Cosmic Ghost Rider’s body is slightly slimmer in build, but it perfectly matches his character design. The left leg looks so strong and well-built…I can practically stare at it forever! Be sure to get your hands on this statue to be able to see all the details for yourself! 

Face and Torso

The skeletal sculpt looks so realistic! 

The comics I used as reference shows Cosmic Ghost Rider with a fairly damaged suit, so I made sure to add some damages to the ARTFX PREMIER sculpt as well. 

I wanted to depict the entire Universe in this one statue, so I added various colors and variations of sparkles in the cosmic arms and cosmic body. Each sparkle represents a different star. 

It’s kind of cute, isn’t it? He’s such a cool character, but if you look just as this one part, it’s so sparkly and adorable… 

Lit Up 

This Cosmic Ghost Rider is more elaborate and detailed than our previously released ARTFX PREMIER Doctor Strange statue and comes complete with a cosmic head, cosmic body, and magma base that glows

Check out the video below to see the statue all lit up!

(Our very own Yamashita from @kikakuguys recorded this video.) 

(It lights up a lot.) 


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This is what the statue looks like all lit up in a still photo!

ARTFX PREMIER Statues in Bui’s Humble Abode

It looks like a battle scene when all ARTFX PREMIER statues are displayed together! 

Especially the second photo… Every character is totally fired up! 

The ARTFX PREMIER statues are, of course, awesome when all lined up as shown above, but take a look at the rest of my collection that you can slightly see in the back! 


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(This sofa is also super adorable.)


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