Good afternoon! Mr. Arigato here with a blog post from Sho-gun about a statue I’m especially excited about: our first MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO statue, Pinkie Pie!

I hope you enjoy it!



Hello everyone, it’s Sho-gun! (^◒^)

$99.99 (Available in June 2019)

I hope this blog will help to show the appeal of the statue and the MY LITTLE PONY series to those who aren’t familiar with it!



MY LITTLE PONY is a popular toy and animated series created by American toy and entertainment company Hasbro and has charmed children throughout the world over the past several decades. The brand was brought to life through toys in 1983 and followed with an animated series.

The brand was reimagined in 2010 in the form of an animated show known as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which became popular with adults as well as children and became a cultural phenomenon.

From the 1980s to this day, the franchise is widely beloved by people throughout the world!


What is the Appeal of Friendship Is Magic?

Naturally, the series was popular for its novel take on children’s animation.

In addition to having beautiful character designs, the show also teachers viewers to appreciate others’ differences and that no challenge is insurmountable with friends by your side.

Even watching it as an adult, it’s a heartwarming show that gives you a lot to think about!

After watching it, you’ll find yourself a kinder person. (maybe this is the magic…)

In order to capture the unique personalities of the characters from the series, BISHOUJO artist Shunya Yamashita (@ShunyaYamashita) worked hard to represent each character in the BISHOUJO’s hairstyle, clothing, expression and posing.

With Hasbro’s careful collaboration, we were able to bring the ponies into the human world!


About the Design

Here is Shunya Yamashita’s illustration for Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie’s appearance is based on the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film, where the ponies from Friendship is Magic go through a magic mirror to become human girls. It is not an exact representation of that character design, but rather a unique illustration that features lots of small details that represent the pony’s personality from the series as a whole. This is the final version of the illustration that took shape as we discussed the character and design with Hasbro.


Pinkie Pie is an energetic girl who loves cupcakes!

But she’s also a caring girl who makes sure to look out for her friends!

You can tell from all angles that full of life ♥

You can tell by her outstretched arms and legs.


Up-Close Details

Here’s a look at the sculpt and the paint master side by side!

As a figure, we were able to make some parts translucent in order give them a unique appearance when painted.

The beautiful and detailed sculpt of this cute and strong girl was created by the popular sculptor ke (@comaccow_ke)!

We worked extra hard on the human Pinkie Pie’s hair!

The voluminous curl and bounce of her hair is amazing! It took a lot of time to get the hair just right.
It was important to make sure the curls were big without being too heavy!

We wanted to capture the Japanese “Kawaii” style that’s so popular these days, so the skirt is based on Harajuku fashion!

The frilly three-tiered skirt also has a lot of volume!

Her face is also totally adorable! The bracelet on her wrist has some shine to look like a real plastic bangle, but of course, nothing outshines her smile! Just looking at her makes me want to smile too ♥


It’s a really small detail, but I want to show off the bottom of her shoes!

It’s a Cutie Mark!


And if you look down…

You’ll see that she’s standing on a base covered in icons that represent Pinkie Pie! From the hair on her head to the tips of her toes, we made a point to pack this statue with Pinkie Pie’s essence.


Next to the human version there’s a Pinkie Pie pony.

Look at her smile!!!


This face alone is sure to brighten your day. I recommend you look at it when you’re feeling worn out!


You may have noticed when the sculpt was revealed, but:

Pinkie Pie’s long eyelashes are recreated as a separate part!

In addition to the pony’s unique hair texture and body shape, I really wanted to recreate those long eyelashes for the figure!


About the Lineup

The second pony joining the lineup is Twilight Sparkle.

Third up is Fluttershy!

The fourth entry is Rarity!

*This was announced back at San Diego Comic Con 2018.


About Pre-Orders


Pre-Orders are available now through mid-December.

Make sure to check with your local retailers for details!



MY LITTLE PONY and its logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.


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