The Red Protector of the Crystal Reactors: AGNIRAGE is here!

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Hello everyone!

Check out this update on the latest Hexa Gear model from the Governor’s Guide.



Hi everyone, this is Yuki from Kotobukiya’s planning department.

Pre-orders for the newest Hexa Gear, Agnirage have started! The model will be in stores in December of this year.

Thank you to everyone who has waited so long for this kit.

The silhouette was revealed at our talk show at Wonder Festival back in February of 2017. That makes for almost two years between the initial reveal and the actual release. Not only did this model take a long time to plan, but our product development team also spent a lot of time with it.

With the completion of this model, it feels like season 1 of Hexa Gear has wrapped up. Now that it’s finished, all of the prototypes I came up with when creating the Hexa Gear series have been actualized. The series has been a hit so far and we’ll do our best to continue it!

As a “final boss” character that defends the crucial facilities known as Crystal Reactors, we had to make sure that the scale of the product matched its importance in the world, which required us to put a lot of time into developing it. From the CAD blueprints to revising the design drawings to revising the blueprints back to the design drawings again, it was a very lengthy process, but in the end I’m very pleased with the final result.

*The first image is the original silhouette. The one below it is a drawing that was created to explain the opening and closing gimmick for the head. The line of the jaw changed quite a bit after the initial silhouette. As you can see, the color scheme also changed.

For the molds, we used some of same designs as Voltrex. In spite of this, the cost of the molds for this model was more than twice the cost of the molds for Bulkarm α. The experience we gained from creating Agnirage will be invaluable as we continue to expand the Hexa Gear line with bigger and more complex kits.

I’ll hold off on talking about any new kits for now, but I hope you’ll enjoy Agnirage as an example of the range of kits we can create. Expect some updates from the All Japan Model Hobby Show in September. We’ve really put our all into it this time around.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

Anyways, let’s move on to the standard model explanation. *Warning: long post ahead.


Model Summary

In an effort to push back against SANAT, the Liberty Alliance began installing KARMA into third generation Hexa Gear developed by Earthcline Biomechanics. Recognizing this as a threat, SANAT took control of the facilities preparing to manufacture Voltrex, stealing their Zoatex technology and swiftly adapting it for SANAT’s use.

These stolen Voltrex units became the trigger for an unprecedented series of events with dire consequences as they stolen units reappeared in the form of an entirely new Hexa Gear model.

This new Hexa Gear, which took the form of a red dragon, appeared in the battles that surrounded the crystal reactors as the ultimate protector, reducing even the most experienced Lord Impulse units to nothing.



The Valiant Force’s Red Dragon and protector of the Crystal Reactors.

This third generation Hexa Gear possesses an enhanced form of Zoatex created from the data from stolen Voltrex units.

While the construction of Agnirage’s base frame shares many similarities with Voltrex, the capabilities of the unit have been transfigured to an extent that far surpasses the original Voltrex unit. In addition to flight capabilities that surpass Blockbuster and the defense force field that protects the unit, Agnirage boasts a number of features that distinguish the unit’s prowess on the battlefield compared to the other third generation Hexa Gear.

One of Agnirage’s primary weapons is a long-range, chargeable beam known as the “Imperial Flame.” The powerful weapon is used by Agnirage to defend the Crystal Reactors from attackers by burning them to ash by harnessing the “flames of hell.”

Upon sensing enemy forces in its vicinity, Agnirage will immediately take off and fire the Imperial Flame at the enemy attackers from high in the sky. After unleashing total devastation on the enemy targets, which often lack defense from aerial attacks, Agnirage will deploy drones to take out the remaining enemies. In order to accommodate the unit’s inferior armor defense in close-range land battles, Agnirage is equipped with a defense force field, allowing it to stave off attacks from the enemy’s foot soldiers. Agnirage units are typically used individually or in small groups in order to conquer enemy forces over a wide area with rapid precision, and are considered to be one of the biggest threats to the Liberty Alliance along with Para-Pawn Expander.

The exact timeline for the unit’s development is unknown. The unit’s existence was unknown until the initial attacks on the Crystal Reactors, and it is said that the unit already existed at the time of Demolition Brute’s appearance.

As a unit designed to defend some of the most crucial facilities for both armies, SANAT has dedicated its utmost effort to the development of Agnirage and loading the unit with the most advanced technologies. This highly advanced Hexa Gear which takes the form of a gigantic red dragon circles the sky around the Crystal Reactors, unleashing its flame on any enemies that dare to approach and reducing them to ashes.


  • Imperial Flame
  • Imperial Roar
  • Plasma Discharger
  • Crime Punisher
  • Multipurpose Dual Laser Cannon
  • Dual Plasma Cannon
  • Tail Blade
  • Solid Wing
  • Hexa G-R.A.M Storage
  • Gravity Controllers
  • Plasma Talons
  • Hunting Hooks
  • Flying Drones
  • Pulse Gun (Equipped to drones)

Sorry for another lengthy introduction!
Since the models don’t appear in an anime or games, the descriptions are the only place where you can see what they’re like, so they always end up very detailed.


Model Specifications

This is the base form. The pre-painted parts haven’t arrived yet, so it’s easy to see that each different color in the picture above is a separate part made of colored plastic.

The orange cables that pass through the middle of the model’s neck give the internal frame a sense of depth.
Here’s a shot from the back that shows off the details in the extendible exhaust pipes and the flaps on the wings.

One of the things that differentiates Agnirage from the other models is that it has a mouth. Unlike your standard image of a dragon, the mouth opens outwards in order to fire the weapon inside.

These pictures have been edited to show what the pre-painted eye sensor parts will look like. The exhaust nozzles for the Imperial Flame on the inside of the mouth are made with clear plastic.

The chest pieces will have special pre-painted orange markings.

Finally, the Tail Blade will be made of red plastic like the armor, and the blade will be painted silver.

The reason we didn’t change the color of the plastic for the blade (despite the fact that it will stand out as the tip of the weapon) is that although it is a part from Voltrex that is silver on the original, by changing the color to red, the surplus parts can be used for other purposes.

On a similar note, for some parts that are in high demand, such as the thigh joints, we’ve included extra pieces even though they aren’t required to complete the kit.



When displaying prototypes at events, we have to be careful not to customize the models too much in order to prevent damage to the prototype and the paint. That being said, we were able to make a lot of interesting looking customizations with surprisingly simple changes.

Model Name: Agnirage Balrog

This model’s motif is a demon. It uses the Demon’s Symbol (skull face) from Bandit Wheel, giving it a completely different appearance from the standard Agnirage. The demon’s hands are made using the Overed Manipulators from Gigantic Arms 01 EX Darkness Guardian.

The Imperial Flame’s exhaust nozzles have been removed, but silhouette of the claws and wings maintain the model’s menacing appearance.

It’s a pretty big customization, so displaying it requires a lot of space.



Agnirage comes in a very large box that is almost the same size as the box for the Master Boot Record. The overall size of the kit is about twice as large as most of the other ones.
And most importantly, it’s known to be especially challenging to build, giving you a great sense of accomplishment when completed!

The total width of the kit (side to side with the wings fully expanded) is a massive 400mm!

Here’s the product page (in Japanese)

I hope you enjoy it!


Agnirage Design:MORUGA



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