Staff Interview: X-Men Fine Art Statue Storm -Danger Room Sessions-


Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be sharing an interview with the planning staff for our Storm -Danger Room Sessions- Fine Art Statue!


Renewing the -Danger Room Sessions- Line

I don’t know if I would go as far to call it a renewal, but there’s been a growing “90’s Boom” for a while. In order to appeal to this, we started our X-Men ‘92 Series in the ARTFX+ line, and this Fine Art Statue was planned to go along with that!.

We always try to provide our customers with a range of products in different price ranges, giving them a variety of choices depending on their taste and collection.

Each Fine Art Statue is hand-painted and marked with a serial number, giving it a premium, one-of-a-kind quality. The composition and design of the statues are largely decided by series sculptor Erick Sosa, so they’re totally new to me when they arrive in our office from America.


About the Posing

As I mentioned earlier, Erick Sosa creates the posing and scenarios for the statues. Here’s a look at a rough sketch we got from the planning stage for Storm.

As part of the “Danger Room Sessions” series, the posing and design of depict Storm training for Anti-Sentinel Protocol, giving the statue a sense of continuity with the other ones in the series.
Since Storm has the power to control weather and the forces of nature, the dynamic sculpting evokes an image of buoyancy and turbulence.


About the Face

Taking a close look at the face parts, the high level of detail and complexity of the default hairstyle is nice, but the mohawk part makes this piece really special.

This hairstyle is often seen with Storm’s black pantsuit costume or some of her more recent looks, but combined with this classic white costume, this it’s fun to imagine alternative worlds where Storm would have this look, kind of like the “What If” series, which is returning later this year.


About the Costume

Sculpting a costume like this is not so difficult, but making the transition into the finalized product was quite the issue for our development team. One of the biggest issues was finding a way make sure the billowing cape, which is attached to the statue at the wrists, doesn’t break in transit.

After multiple rounds of testing, we were able to solve the problem by adjusting the package size and using a lot of styrofoam and cushioning.


About the Base

The swirling remains of the anti-mutant Sentinel robots and the lightning effect parts make for an impressive sight.

If you look at the illustration above, you’ll notice the number of parts on the base had to be decreased. Unfortunately we had to cut down on the number of parts to keep the production cost down. It’s always something that makes me sad when developing products!


Final Message for the Fans

I hope you enjoyed our introduction to this beautiful piece! After the upcoming Weapon X statue, the Fine Art series will embark on a new journey. I look forward to sharing it with you!


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*Prototype shown, final product may vary.



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