Frame Arms Girl “Laetitia” Introduction

テーマ:Plastic Model

Hi everyone! It’s Mr. Arigato!

Here’s an introduction to the newest addition to our Frame Arms Girl series, Laetitia.


Laetitia is the latest character to join our Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series, Frame Arms Girl.
Laetitia is a new and improved version of the previously released Innoecentia!
Like Gourai-Kai ver. 2, Laetitia comes with a lot of different parts and options to help you build the Frame Arms Girl of your dreams.
We weren’t able to introduce her in as much detail at Wonder Festival, so I’m going to give you the rundown in this blog.



Laetitia comes with two chest parts: the original version from the Innocentia kit, and a new, larger chest part! This was one of our most long-awaited additions after the updated version of Gourai-Kai.



Of the three face parts in the kit, two were made with an entirely new mold!

For the hair, we included a new side-parted bang with and without openings for accessories as well as the original bangs for Innocentia.



The kit also includes  brand-new “low ponytail” and “bun” hair parts in addition to Innocentia’s short hair.

The twin bun and twin tail parts are only compatible with the original Innocentia bang parts. Unfortunately we couldn’t make room for an opening on the piece with the side-parted bangs. I’m sorry!



Look at all these parts!



In addition to the original 5 types of hand parts, there are six totally new hand parts: heart hands, a thumbs up, a pointing hand, peace signs, saluting hands, and hands for supporting a weapon. The kit also includes a black version of some of the parts, giving you over 40 different options just for the hands.



The neck frill can be changed out for the included collar with ribbon or armor parts.



In addition to the bare arms and legs, Laetitia also comes with the Materia arms and legs in a brownish black color that matches the body.

And of course, Laetitia comes with all of the bells and whistles as Innocentia:

  • Six type of “ears” and accessories
  • An extended neck part and extra feet to use with doll clothes.
  • Decals for the eyes and other markings.
  • Lots of 3mm attachments for M.S.G and other extras!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll pre-order this cutie!





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