Frame Arms Girl Greifen Introduction

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to give you an up-close look at Frame Arms Girl, Greifen the latest robot-inspired beauty to join Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series, Frame Arms Girl!


Greifen’s mech design was created by the genius behind the Frame Arms Series Hresvelgr, Tomotake Kinoshita!
Kinoshita-sensei also created the character design that transformed this unique robot into an adorable girl.

Let’s take a look at the model! 



This Frame Arms Girl was created using an entirely new design. It’s the first kit of this scale since Hresvelgr. The joints on the base body are based on Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr, so they should be easy to move and pose.



Frame Arms Girl Greifen is based on the Frame Arms model of the same name, and one of the robot’s most unique features is its sub-arms, which were added to the Frame Arms Girl’s large-scale mecha hands!

Greifen’s robot features are represented by a special mecha suit, that gives the Frame Arms Girl a cool, novel appearance compared to the girls before her!

The fingers on the mecha hands are poseable, allowing you to create a variety of dynamic poses.

The claws on the sub-arms can be removed, allowing you to replace them with blades or hands from the M.S.G or Frame Arms lines to give the mecha suit four hands.



Like the Frame Arms Hresvelgr, which was also designed by Tomotake Kinoshita, Greifen has a transformation feature! (Yeah, I know the original Frame Arms Greifen doesn’t transform, but ignore that for now…)

The mecha suit transforms into a two-legged vehicle!
Kinoshita-sensei’s solid design is carefully crafted and well thought-out.
The mecha is also equipped with several connection points, and there’s a partially transformed mode to look forward to as well!

The vehicle can also be used with other Frame Arms Girls. (Although there are few who have parts on their backs that might get in the way)

The mecha suit is meant for the Greifen base body, so you would have to modify it in order to use it with another FA Girl.

The mecha suit’s elaborate design was created to work with the Greifen base body so that the arms of the suit move together with Greifen’s arms.

To put it another way, you can think of the suit as Greifen-style body armor and change out just the head to a different character.

It’s almost like renting out a wetsuit for scuba diving.
(Of course, I won’t stop anyone who wants to modify the model to use with other FA Girls, haha)



The model also comes with a helmet based on the original Frame Arms Greifen.

It’s very difficult to make helmets like this for models of this size, and adjusting the thickness of the plastic is definitely a weak point.
But we were able to make special hair parts that maintain the appearance while fitting under the helmet.



For the chest, you can choose to use a cute necktie or Greifen-inspired mecha parts.



A few other key points about the body:

  • The joints on the base body are the same as Hresvelgr, so if you’re familiar with that model you’ll know what to expect.
  • The thighs have a slide joint, increasing the range of movement.
  • The hands use a ball joint, allowing you to create a variety of expressive poses.
  • The kit comes with four sets of hands (closed, two types of open hands, and set of weapon holding hands)
  • The hands can be changed out for parts from existing Frame Arms Girl models.



  • Even without the mecha armor, Greifen can wield the hand knife, rocket launcher, and machine gun. The hand knife can also be folded up and stowed on her hip as a part of the mecha suit, and the machine gun acts as the controllers for the mecha arms.



  • The model comes with three face parts: default/facing forward, default/facing right, and smiling/facing left. This character’s mouth is a bit bigger than the previous FA Girls, but I think it perfectly suits her energetic and sunny disposition.
  • The face parts are all pre-printed allowing you to easily create a finished-looking model without having to paint or apply decals.
  • The model also comes with a detachable beret (there’s a special trick to attaching and moving the beret)
    Decals for the eyes and other markings are included.

As promised, the model is compatible with existing M.S.G and Frame Arms gear.

…But you’re going to have to wait a bit longer for pictures of that. There’s already enough in this post with just the mecha suit.

That’s all for today! I hope you’re looking forward to Greifen as much as I am!





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