Gigantic Combination Part 3: Lucifer’s Wing

テーマ:Plastic Model


“Hi it’s me, Stylet. Shizuoka Hobby Show is today. I really wanted to go but I had to stay behind because I lost my booster…”



“I heard they’re announcing a new M.S.G…I was really excited about it…”



YUKI: “Don’t worry, Stylet (she’s so cute!!!). I’ve been preparing a new M.S.G just for you.”



“Really!? (who is that? Grave Arms?)”



YUKI: “Look behind you!”



“Behind me…?”



“I-is this a Gigantic Arms just for me? After my armor got in the way for Powered Guardian and Rapid Raider I never thought I’d get the chance to try one…”



YUKI: “Yes! This is a brand new Gigantic Arms I made just for you, Stylet (she’s still so cute!!!!)
I call it Lucifer’s Wing!
Let’s try it out right away!




Gigantic Arms 07: Lucifer’s Wing
Each feather unit is equipped with a fully detachable 3mm joint.



The left arm is equipped with the “Giga Slash Edge.”

This greatsword with an expandable blade is based on M.S.G’s Mega Slash Edge, making it the perfect weapon for Stylet, who uses Mega Slash Edge in the Frame Arms Girl anime.



The large wings that fan out to each side are extendible. The wings were designed to look like a bird of prey.






“It’s so stylish compared to the other Gigantic Arms! It really is the perfect gear for me!”



“Now I have nothing to fear when it comes to aerial battles!”



YUKI: “This is Lucifer’s Wing in its stand-alone form. The oversized armor is designed in the image of a holy knight’s suit of armor.



“Will this Gigantic Arms have conversion gimmicks like the others before it?”



YUKI: Well, this is just the earliest prototype so you’ll have to wait and see! For now, I hope you’re looking forward to Lucifer’s Wing!






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