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Mr. Arigato here with another Kotobukiya horror update from Shogun!




Hello! It’s Shogun from the Kikaku Guys!
Today I’ll be going over the latest Horror Bishoujo, which is available for pre-orders now!


1/7 Scale, Available September 2018


1. About the Concept Art

This is the original concept art! Ash was transformed into the BISHOUJO style by Bishoujo series artist, Shunya Yamashita!

As the planner, the two points I wanted to focus on for Ash’s design were her olive complexion and her image, not just as a sexy girl, but as a “big brother” (or in this case sister) that you can depend on.

We brought the corners of Ash’s mouth up to give her an almost manic grin to reflect her bold, quick-thinking character.
Her healthy light brown skin is a first for the Horror Bishoujo line.
Both are features that reflect not only Ash Williams as a character and Bruce Campbell who plays him in the films.


2. About the Sculpt

The sculpt was made by Takaboku Busujima(BUSUJIMAX)!
Let’s look over a few key points.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the tattered shirt!
The fit of the shirt really highlights her silhouette, with belts and straps for added emphasis. I was surprised at how detailed it looks!

The tattered parts of the shirt reflect the damage inflicted on Ash in the film.
Take note that her shirt is tucked in, even though it’s almost completely destroyed!
The posing is simplistic, but still packed with plenty of attitude while also maintaining a sense of stability and strength.
And while we’re talking about the sculpt, I can’t leave out this awesome base!

The design is based on the infamous cellar door that is prominently featured in the Evil Dead series.

Ash is firmly holding the door closed with her right foot. And if you look closely….

There’s a hand wedged in the door as it tries to escape from the cellar!

Taking a close-up look at the door, you can see that the sculpt is highly detailed down to the grain in the wood.
I had been sitting on this concept for the base since early on in the planning stage, so in a way the posing was actually designed to go with the base!


3. About the Paint

The painted sculpt was made by GILL GILL.

The painter did a great job recreating Ash’s tanned skin tone from the concept art.
This statue is all about the contrast between her different traits. She’s in a horror movie and yet surprisingly robust! She’s a beautiful woman but also has a mischievous side!

The detail on the chainsaw also merits a close look.
The blade is splattered with the blood of countless Deadites…


From the concept art to the painted sculpt, the details of this Horror Bishoujo really make her shine! Reserve yours today!




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