IKEMEN Nightwing Sample Review


Hi everyone!
The release date for the first entry in our new IKEMEN series is just around the corner!

DC Comics Nightwing IKEMEN Statue

In honor of this occasion, I’ll be sharing a review of the final product from the Kikaku Guys.



Who is Nightwing?   

Name: Richard John Grayson

After his parents were murdered by a mafia boss, Richard “Dick” Grayson took on the mantle Robin as Batman’s sidekick. As the original Robin, Dick is one of Batman’s closest and most trusted companions.

After fighting alongside Batman for several years, Dick was faced with the decision to continue serving under Batman as Robin, or strike out on his own as a new hero. When he chose the latter, he was given the name Nightwing by one of his greatest role models: Superman.

As a new hero with the support of two well-respected heros, Nightwing maintained a friendly relationship with Batman while fighting crime.


And now let’s move on to the review!
First up is the packaging.

We chose a black theme for this classy and chic package.
If you look closely at the details, the black parts are designed to look like leather.
The first edition version also comes with a special gold seal!

Ricken’s illustration is also featured on the packaging.
The subdued, darker colors of the packaging really make the illustration pop.

Nightwing giving you a nice smile in his signature black and blue body suit.
An aura befitting of the DC Universe’s most attractive man!

A perfect body from all 360°!!


This level of attractiveness cannot be expressed in pictures alone.
You’ll just have to get one of your own to understand!!

The alternate Domino Mask face parts.
His hidden face gives him an added layer of mystery!

The first edition will also include a special “It’s Our Secret”  face part.
It has a bit of a different feel from the default smiling face.

This part will only come with the first edition, so make sure to get the box with the gold seal!

The base is also printed with Nightwing’s logo.

The Nightwing IKEMEN will be available at the end of March!!
*Release date may vary depending on the region.


The next entry in the IKEMEN series, Red Hood is also available for Pre-Orders now!


BATMAN and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. WB SHIELD: TM & © WBEI.





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