Product Introduction: Governor Zoanthropus-Löwe and Scarecrow

テーマ:Plastic Model

Good Afternoon!
Mr. Arigato here with a Hexa Gear update from YUKI.
Today I’m going to share a short and sweet introduction of two of our newest Hexa Gear model kits.

First up is Governor Zoanthropus-Löwe. Check out these test shots.

We don’t have the painted sample yet, so I’ve edited the picture on the right to show what the final version will look like.

Pre-Painted Parts List

  • Head: The faceguards on the sides of the visor, facial hair
  • Chest Armor: The white parts
  • Torso: The man-made muscles on the abdomen, the white accents

The Mini Flying Base is great for setting up dynamic action poses.


Next up is a custom model using parts from Scarecrow. Scarecrow’s heavy-machinery inspired form is best used in collaboration with other Hexa Gear. Combined with Bulkarm α it can become a close combat weapon.

Its inverted joints make it easy to convert into a walker machine too.

The personality of the model changes little by little as you attach different weapon units to all of the connection points on Bulkarm α.

A custom build using salvaged parts from a broken Bulkarm.

In the harsh world of Hexa Gear, Governors will use any parts they can find in order to survive…

Anyways, that’s all I have for today. See you next time!


Original Blog by: YUKI




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