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Month of Release (in Japan): October 2020


Available worldwide in November 2020! Check with your local retailer for more details!


What kind of fear pops into your mind when you hear the name “Pennywise”?

Visit Warner Bros. official home page for more information about where to watch IT (2017)!


IT (2017) brings back the horror that is “Pennywise” in an all-new design and reintroduces the world of “IT” to old and new fans alike!









Pennywise joined Kotobukiya’s product lineup three times in the past! 

Each rendition shows a new and unique Pennywise, so we highly recommend all of our products for any IT fans. ♪


And now under beloved Yamashita Shunya’s (@ShunyaYamashita) expert hands… 

This horrifying yet adorable Pennywise from IT joins the Horror BISHOUJO series!!!


Keep reading to get a special first look at this statue!♪


Up-Close Detail #1: The Pose

Much like in the films, Pennywise can be seen offering a bright red balloon with a grin on her face, as if inviting you to play.

The way the hands wrapped in fashionable gloves can be seen holding tightly onto the string attached to the balloon showcases her mischievously cute personality!

Also, look at the way she can be seen tiptoeing ever so gently on the red-dyed puddle. 

She looks so harmless yet so very evil, depending on the angle you look at this statue. 

The string attached to the balloon is partially made of metal, so you won’t have to worry about it being too fragile! 

(This can be said for any statue/figure, but please be careful not to touch this statue with too much force, as some parts are fragile and can break easily. Also, please be sure to display this statue in a cool environment, and avoid overexposure to warmth.)

*There may be cuts that can be visible on the balloon due to the structure of the sculpt. Thank you for your understanding.


Up-Close Detail #2: The Hair and Makeup

The pure white skin and bright red clown makeup are well and alive even in the BISHOUJO form!

We all worked together to create the perfect rendition of Pennywise that retains the essence of the original design while adding a hint of cuteness! 

Pennywise’s plump cheeks are painted slightly pink for an extra dash of BISHOUJO vibe. ♪

Depending on the angle, Pennywise looks as if she is full of dark thoughts…

From her sly gaze, down to the smirk on her face; she looks as if she is on the hunt for her next victim…!

The signature haircut has been revamped into a bob cut with two high pigtails at the top! 


Up-Close Detail #3: The Costume

We added a new BISHOUJO twist to the IT (2017) Pennywise costume design! 

Costumes full of frills tend to look heavy and overly voluminous, but by using clear parts for the neck, wrists, frills on the waist, and ribbon on the back, it creates a sense of lightness and transparency to the overall design.

The pants have been designed as balloon pants to give an overall “clown” feel. ♪

The back of the costume has been designed in pure white! 

The large ribbon on the back of the dress tones the sexy level down and also gives this statue a slightly silly and clown-like look.

The silhouette of the costume and the way the fabric of the clothes “wrap around” the legs is beautiful and is a must-see in person.

Although the costume is only white and red, the difference in the fabric and materials of each component on the statue has been sculpted and painted with utmost detail.

BISHOUOJO Pennywise was sculpted by Yoshiki Fujimoto (@YOKKI_munchkin_)! The sculpting on this statue doesn’t cut any corners, bringing this statue to life in every minute detail…!


Up-Close Detail #4: The Base

“SS Georgie” can be seen floating atop the crimson red puddle…!

The beautiful ripples are highlighted with the addition of silver paint on the back of the base made of clear parts to create an even deeper and more suspicious shine. 

The way the ripples have been sculpted to spread after each footstep creates a further sense of movement…!



(Japanese: Pre-orders are open until Wednesday, 6/17!

**All Kotobukiya products produced are based on the number of pre-orders.**

Depending on the number of pieces available, pre-orders may sell out at certain retailers.)


English Version: Pre-orders available now! Check with your local retailer for more details!


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Thanks for reading! ♪






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