HEXA GEAR Series Lineup Poster is here!

テーマ:Plastic Model


Hi Governors! I’m Tokuda from Retail Sales.
Today, we’ve got a new poster for HEXA GEAR! I’d like to share this with you today in this blog.


Here it goes!

It’s a B2-size (515 * 758mm) double-sided full-color poster. One side features Bulkarm Glanz and Rayblade Impulse as iconic examples of Second and Third Generation Hexa Gears. The other side features almost all Hexa Gear products released as of August 2021, including Kotobukiya Shop exclusives! (Just excluding the 3rd Anniversary products.)

This awesome design was made by our designer, Yunny. When I first saw the completed design, I remember being super excited to see the Bulkarm Glanz incorporated into the design.
In fact, Yunny is actually the designer for many cool packages and instruction manuals for the Hexa Gear product line. Yunny has done the wall artwork used at our Akihabara Store. So he’s a skilled expert (among many we have) in making Hexa Gear products look so cool! He’s involved in many Hexa Gear products, so I hope you enjoy seeing his designs on products you might have purchased already or products that are on your way, as well as designs on other media like this poster!
For all those Governors around the globe who’d like to get a hold of this poster, here’s the link to the high-res image for your pleasure.

*Please refrain from unauthorised modification, commercial use, or re-distribution of this image.


Details of the Poster

Organized into Generations and Factions

The complete lineup on the back side is organized into Generations, and the Third Generation units are sorted into their respective factions, making it easier to grasp what units belong to which generation/fations at a glance.
This informative layout will surely help you build your own Hexa Gear! For further information on the units, you can head to the Hexa Gear official website from the QR code at the bottom. Be sure to check it out!


That’s it for today. Have fun building!



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