Hexa Gear: Demolition Brute

テーマ:Plastic Model

Hey everyone!

Mr. Arigato here with some test shots and an introduction to the latest Hexa Gear, Demolition Brute from YUKI in planning.

First up is the beast-inspired ZOATECH mode.

At first glance, it looks a lot like Rayblade Impulse, but there are several key differences, including the length of the legs.

Demolition Brute’s primary weapon is its Power Plows, which can be opened and closed. They’re also equipped with our universal 3mm joints, allowing you to attach them to a variety of places on the model.

Here it is in hot pursuit of a Liberty Alliance governor.

The base for the Battering Ram on the front of the model is flexible, making it perfect for surrounding and capturing enemies as seen here.

Next up is CEV (Combat Engineering Vehicle) Mode!

The back of the vehicle is equipped a second seat for operating the attached mini-gun. The mini-gun is detachable for use as a handheld weapon.

The CEV’s main weapon is a battering ram designed for targeting an enemy’s weak points and breaking down barriers to enemy forts.

Sentinel: “You can’t escape now!”

Fighting power with power.

As a second generation Hexa Gear, Bulkarm α is a bit sluggish, but in terms of strength it can hold its own against third generation Hexa Gear like Demolition Brute.




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