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Hey everyone!

Agent Leu checking in to bring you an updated blog entry from Gensui on our latest Frame Arms model kit, Shadow Tiger!

Today we’re going to get a closer look at the product sample.

This is a color variation of White Tiger. You can check out the blog entry for White Tiger via link below:

Here’s the package, so keep an eye out when you visit stores that carry plastic model kits!

The illustration isn’t just a color variant of White Tiger. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Shadow Tiger is equipped with additional armor parts on its arms and legs!

The box is slightly bigger than White Tiger’s box (it’s finally as big as the box for Ater and the others…), and it’s filled with runners.

The lid will barely close if the runners are placed in the wrong order. (←almost)

Let’s take a look at the runners next.

Here’s the torso for the Frame Architect on runner A, and the joints and other parts on runners D and E with the new exclusive color.

Those of you who already own White Tiger might recognize the parts…

Of course the dark gray color for the main runner is also new.

The same gray is used for runners B, C, and J.

Light brown is used for the collar and abdomen, as well as other accent parts.

This is a new exclusive color used for runners G and H.

Light blue on runner F is the same as the color for White Tiger… This is the original resin color. However, the muzzle parts for Prototype Canon as seen below are completely new.

The position and original resin color for rifle and cannon parts on runner I, as well as the clear black parts for the sword remain the same as White Tiger.

Here is another new runner for Shadow Tiger shown here with additional armor and prototype cannon. The Kotobukiya direct store bonus includes a set of this runner and the F runner in white (White Tiger’s main color).

Here are three sets of different additional armor parts for both the left and right side.

These are all 3mm axis parts, which make them compatible to be equipped as shown on the package or on other various areas.

This is what the kit looks like when the basic body frame is assembled. The color variation gives it a completely different feel compared to White Tiger. It looks just as its name, Shadow Tiger, suggests. Like White Tiger, the head (eye) areas are pre-painted.

You can easily pose Shadow Tiger on its knees or attached to the new flying base (released this month) with the 3mm hole under the hips.

The Prototype cannon can be attached to both the left and right side.

Of course there are many other ways you can enjoy Shadow Tiger (alone or alongside White Tiger).

White Tiger and Shadow Tiger have hand parts that aren’t from the FA series. The attachment ball-joints are 5mm in size, which means…

That’s right, you can use hand parts such as “Normal Hand Neo”, “Wild Hand 2”, and “Sharp Hand 2”!

Shadow Tiger is a big large compared to other FA models, and so I tried attaching a slightly larger sized “Wild Hand 2”.

I don’t think there have been any FA models that could pose in such a straight line with a sword.

This stern pose is possible thanks to the shallow angle grip wrist part + angled axis + ball joint connection.

I think the thrust pose isn’t too suitable for the black sword, but that’s another matter entirely.

By the way, the left fist used in the photo shown above is Wild Hand (or 1) used with the 3mm to 5mm diameter ball conversion part from Wild Hand 2 or Sharp Hand 2.

In other words, if you use this part for White Tiger or Shadow Tiger, you can use 3mm parts such as FA hands with these converter parts.

Like Architect, you can customize the arms and legs with parts consisting of 3 mm holes on either end.

In addition, you can create a fist by combining Wild Hand 2’s thumbs up hand part with the thumb part from Weapon Holding Hand 2.

For FA users who are curious, here’s the instruction book.

The left side includes a short story!

This story is a side story of Shadow Tiger (White Tiger).

As mentioned on the package, this is written by script writer Yuichiro Takeda!

The image above is blurred on purpose, but as you can see, there is quite a volume for the story, so I hope everyone will enjoy reading it.

This sums up the review for the newly released “Shadow Tiger”

Expect Shadow Tiger to be in stores starting Feburary 26th, 2018!

(Please note that sales date may differ depending on the store and shipping schedule)

We apologize in advance if there is a delay in delivery, but hope that everyone will enjoy building Shadow Tiger after Wonder Festival.

Speaking of which, Wonder Festival will be held on February 18th!

Following Hobby Show back in September and October, we will have FA Genbu fully assembled and painted on display, along with other models that we will be showing physically for the first time!

Please stop by the Kotobukiya booth!

For information and sneak peek on Jidao Reinforced Version (unofficial name), visit the link below:




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