Frame Arms Girl Masking Tape Skirt (Pleated Version) Instructions

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Hi everyone!

Mr. Arigato here with an update from the Kotobuki Puramo Labo, Kotobukiya’s blog for any and all things related to plastic model kits!

Today we’re going to learn how to make a masking tape skirt for your Frame Arms Girl!

Frame Arms Girl Masking Tape Skirt (Pleated Version) Instructions


  • Your main masking tape
  • A different color of masking tape to use as a temporary placeholder while you make the skirt.
  • Clear matte tape (this is optional, but helpful to have)
  • Hobby knife
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Your favorite Frame Arms Girl (we used Innocentia)
  • An eye for fashion (the most important item on this list)


☆Step 1☆

Determine the approximate size of the skirt. Use the ruler to measure your model. Start at the top of the hips and choose the length you want.This time we’re going with 25mm.

Pro Tip: Remove unnecessary parts from the model in order to make it easier to work with!


☆Step 2☆

Make the pleats for the skirt.
Cut the masking tape into 25x50mm pieces and fold them in half with the sticky side inwards.


☆Step 3☆

Connect the skirt panels.
Line up the top of one piece with the center of the other, and adjust the panels so that the bottom is about 2mm off-center.

Once all the panels are connected, it should look like this:

Wrap the skirt around model, and adjust the length and fit as needed.
If the skirt doesn’t wrap all the way around or is too long, you can add more panels or adjust the angle of the tape.


☆Step 4☆

Once the length is set, secure the waistband using the placeholder tape so that it doesn’t come open.


☆Step 5☆

Now it’s time for the final touches!
Take your clear matte tape (if you don’t have clear tape you can use the same tape you used for the skirt panels) and cut it into rectangles. Replace the placeholder tape connecting the skirt panels with the clear tape.


☆Step 6☆

Next we’ll make the finalized waistband.
Take a long strip of tape and cut slits every 10mm to make sure the waistband lays flat. Make sure to leave about 3-4mm at the top.


☆Step 7☆

Add a panel of clear tape to use as a fastener.
(If you don’t care about the skirt being easy to take off or on, you can add another panel the same way you attached the other panels).


☆Step 8☆

Attach the skirt so it fits nicely under Innocentia’s armor.
And with that your skirt is complete!


Fashion Photo Shoot


So, what did you think?

With all of the affordable options for masking tape out there, I think it’s a very cost-effective way to customize your Frame Arms Girl. I hope you’ll give it a try!


©KOTOBUKIYA / FAGirl Project




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