Frame Arms Girl Architect Gun Metallic Ver.

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Hey everyone!

We’re now accepting pre-orders for the latest Frame Arms Girl, Architect Gun Metallic Ver.!

The Frame Arms Girl series brings the mechs of Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms line (designed by Takayuki Yanase) to life as beautiful girls based on illustrations by Fumikane Shimada.

This time we had Shimada-sensei draw up a FA Girl based on the “Gun Metallic” version of Frame Architect! With the Off White version of Architect going on sale next month, Gun Metallic is the last Architect color scheme to be brought to the Frame Arms Girls series.

You can see the product page on the Japanese site here!

This time we’re going to get an up-close look at the model (click the pictures to expand).

As a rule, the Gun Metallic version includes the same features as the Off White version. Architect Gun Metallic ver. does not include any additional M.S.G, meaning that like the Off White ver. the price will not differ from the standard version of Architect. She also has the same updated shoulder joints as Innocentia.

The main difference this time is:

The translucent red and green hair parts!

As you can see, Architect Gun Metallic ver. offers you even more options than the Off White version. The translucent hair parts for Innocentia Blue ver. offered as a Kotobukiya Shop Exclusive were a huge hit, so we decided to try a similar concept for Architect!

The pictures in this post are a prototype version, so the translucent parts will look even better in the final product. Here’s a picture of Innocentia for your reference (the picture on the left is the translucent version).

The translucent plastic gives her hair a nice bright, lustrous quality!


And of course, the color scheme is based on the purple and gunmetal version of the Frame Architect.

The original Frame Architect looks like this ↑ The purple and gunmetal color scheme kind of makes it look like she’s gone over to the dark side!

Despite being called “Gun Metallic,” the Frame Arms Girl version really showcases the purple parts. The skirt looks black in the illustration, but it will be made from gunmetal colored plastic.

Additionally, the Gun Metallic version has updated parts, including:

  • The pop-out shoulder joints from Frame Arms Girl Innocentia,
  • A new mold for Architect that allows you to attach knees and shins,
  • And elbow joints that allow you to attach the forearms from the Frame Arms Architect!

Here’s some examples of how you can customize her.

Just like the Off White version, there are lots of ways to combine her with the Frame Arms models. The purple scheme would go well with Durga I, Zelfikar NE, or Rapier.

Everything else should be the same as the normal version of Architect.

The moveable skirt combined with the new and improved shoulder joints give you an endless range of possibilities for different poses!


Frame Arms Girl Architect Gun Metallic Ver. will be on sale in June of this year. We look forward to your pre-orders!

See you next time!

-Mr. Arigato


What is Frame Arms Girl?

Frame Arms Girl is a spin-off of Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms model kit series. The Frame Arms Girl series combines the customizability of the plastic model kits with the aesthetics of our Ani*Statues. The kits come with multi-colored parts and face parts pre-printed with tampography, making them easy to assemble with no paint required. Equipped with the signature 3mm joints and PVC hands from the Frame Arms series, Frame Arms Girls can be used with a variety of parts from the M.S.G (Modeling Support Goods) and Frame Arms series. All of the subsequent models will come with interchangeable heads, arms, and legs, allowing you to create your own customized Frame Arms Girl!




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