DC COMICS IKEMEN: Red Hood Behind-the-Scenes Interview


Mr. Arigato here with the latest update from the Kikaku Guys Blog!

Today we have a special behind-the-scenes interview about the making of the newest entry in our brand new IKEMEN series, Red Hood!


Q1: Tell me about the process of creating the Red Hood IKEMEN.

When we started the IKEMEN series, the first character that came to mind was Nightwing, who’s often referred to as the most attractive man in the DC Comics universe.

With Nightwing as a starting point, we decided to continue the line with the entire “Batman Family” with all of the generations of Robin, ending with the Dark Knight himself. Now that the family’s “oldest son” has been released, next in line is the second-generation Robin, also known as Red Hood.


Q2: What were some things you found memorable or difficult when making Red Hood?

It was really difficult to get the shape of the mouth to match the concept art. He’s supposed to have his lips pursed as he clicks his tongue in irritation, but it kept turning into more of a flirty pout, which doesn’t match Red Hood’s “bad boy” image at all. But the sculptor worked really hard and eventually we were able to get it down!


Q3: As the creator, is there anything that you payed extra attention to that you’d like to point out to everyone?

Well, I think one of the first things you’ll notice is his *ahem* derriere!

Red Hood’s ample backside is the complete opposite of Nightwing’s toned glutes. I’ve talked about it in previous blog posts, but one of the biggest differences between the Nightwing and Red Hood IKEMEN are their body types. Nightwing is very lean and toned while Red Hood has a little more meat on his bones.

I like to imagine that Nightwing is very strict with his training, while Red Hood tends to slack off a bit here and there. Of course, both characters are very strong and heroic in their own way, so I hope the fans can appreciate the difference in their body types.

I also like how the space between his body and the jacket turned out. It makes me want to stick my hands inside!


Q4: Tell me about the concept behind the design and posing.

When designing the Batman Family IKEMEN series, we tried to make sure the poses would look good by themselves and together as a set.

Red Hood has a kind of “outlaw” or “wild card” image, so we used that as a starting point for his posing. As a character that is often at odds with Batman and the other Robins, we had Ricken design a pose that would invoke his rebellious nature. Red Hood stands on the edge of the group, his body turned slightly away from the others. I think the posing shows off his twisted nature, but also reveals the slightest bit of self-consciousness beneath the surface.


Q5: Were there any other ideas for the posing or design that you ended up deciding not to go with?

There weren’t many changes the posing, but we did have some rough concept art of Red Hood in his black jacket from the pre-New 52 days. We eventually ended up going with his current brown jacket, but it would be fun to make a version in the black jacket in the future!

By the way, Red Hood also comes with an interchangeable head to display him in his full face mask.


Q6: Can you tell us a little about the special first edition version of the statue?

Just like Nightwing before him, the first edition of Red Hood comes with a bonus head part that’s wearing a domino mask.

It’s got a different feel from the full face mask.

Since it’s a first edition bonus part, you’ll only be able to get the domino mask part with the first production run. Any reproduction versions of this product won’t include the part, so I recommend that all of the Red Hood fans and Batman Family fans out there that want the full experience pre-order the first edition!


Q7: Last but not least, leave a final message for the fans!

The second entry in the IKEMEN series is now available for pre-order!

The “IKEMEN” concept can be vague and hard to capture, but thanks to the expertise and hard work of concept illustrator Ricken and our sculptor Naoya Muto, we’ve been able to get the lineup off to a strong start, and the third and fourth entries will be ready soon.

I hope that someday the IKEMEN series can grow to be as big as its BISHOUJO counterpart!


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