DC Comics BISHOUJO: Catwoman Returns!


Hi everyone! Today I have another BISHOUJO series update from our product planner Sho-Gun. Enjoy!



Hi everyone it’s Sho-Gun(^◒^)


After revealing the paint master for at Wonder Festival on the 10th, pre-orders for the new Catwoman Bishoujo statue are here!

゜・。.:*DC COMICS BISHOUJO Catwoman Returns.:*・゜


Available August 2019 worldwide! Check with your local retailer for details.


When it Comes to Catwoman…


Naturally, as one of of the most iconic DC Comics villains, Catwoman has graced Kotobukiya’s lineup a number of times.

She originally joined the BISHOUJO series back in February 2011.

Now, after seven years she’s back again!

゜・。*DC COMICS BISHOUJO Catwoman (2011 version)*・゜

゜・。.:*DC COMICS BISHOUJO Catwoman Returns .:*・゜

Seeing the two side-by-side, I think you’ll notice that the atmosphere of each statue varies quite a bit.

From those of you who have the original and have been fans of DC or Shunya Yamashita for the past seven years, to new fans of the series, I hope you’ll all consider checking out this figure in person!


About the Illustration

As always, the concept art is by BISHOUJO illustrator Shunya Yamashita (@shunyayamashita)!

Cute, seductive, and a little bit wicked, this illustration really shows Catwoman’s personality.


Up-Close Details

Let’s cut straight to the closeups!

The riches she has accumulated are spread out over a luxurious sheet of velvet.

I highly recommend displaying her like this. It kind of feels like we’ve stepped into her secret base!

I borrowed a lot of shiny objects from my colleagues for this photo shoot.

(since I don’t have many sparkly accessories myself…)

What a nice shot ♥♥♥

We tried out a lot of different props for the photo shoot. Velvet looks great of course, but leather and faux fur would also look great!

I hope you’ll display her like the treasure she is!


We carefully designed her whip to look like a cat’s tail.

Her sly smile is accented by her red lipstick.

A lip color this red is rare even in the BISHOUJO series.


Her goggles take advantage of a variety of finishes, from the clear plastic lenses to the silver metallic paint.

(It’s a killer combination!)



This is what she looks like from above. Cute and compact!


The design for the coins is based on a coin the super villain Two-Face uses in a coin toss.

It’s a tiny detail but I wanted to point it out!


The sculpting of her fingers as she runs them over her pile of coins is also a nice detail.


She looks great from the back too! The contrast of her glossy suit and the matte whip and burlap sack is something that can only be recreated in figure form.

And there’s something poking out of the sack…


It’s a kitty!!!

Yep, there’s a cat inside that sack overflowing with cash.

It’s so cute…


While we’re here, I’d like to introduce the BISHOUJO line’s sister series, the IKEMEN series.

The statues are the same scale as BISHOUJO statues!

Catwoman’s long-time love interest, Batman is still available for pre-order now! Maybe it’s fate! (He looks so strong and stern with his arms folded like that!)

And of course, when she gets tired of Batman she can also pick on Robin as well.

About Pre-Orders

DC Comics BISHOUJO Catwoman Returns

The deadline for Japan is Friday, March 15th!

Pre-order deadlines may vary depending on your location so make sure to check with your local retailer!

DC Comics IKEMEN Batman

The deadline for Japan is Friday, March 1st!

Pre-order deadlines may vary depending on your location so make sure to check with your local retailer!



Thanks for reading!


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