SRP: $169.99 USD (17,000 JPY)
Release Month (in Japan): October 2021


Hi everyone, this is ARTFX Yamashita.
I am excited to announce that pre-orders has begun for the third killer in Kotobukiya’s Dead by Daylight statues lineup, The Wraith!


Let me then go over all the major highlights of this statue.
Let’s first take a look at the entire figure.

We are honored to have the sculptor MASATO OHATA (@shiyumaimai) who is also a huge fan of Dead by Daylight to create this sculpt for us.

The Wraith’s slim and supple V-shape body from the game is recreated in exact detail.


If you look at him from behind, you can clearly see how the angle of the left arm captures the weight of the Wailing Bell as he holds it up and the tension of his pose getting ready to strike it.

Note the hint of sexiness to this figure as well. While his body is heavily wrapped in bandaging, it also subtly highlights the shape of his butt.


Now let’s take a closer look at the finer details.
The cute look on his face as he slightly tilts his head highlights his charm.
His cape is made up of 3 slightly different colors for each section.


Next, the bell and his left hand.
The signature shape of the “Wailing Bell” that is made up of a skull merged with metal is recreated in exact detail.
If you look closely, you can see that where the bell gets hit (the thumb side) has bloodstains on it. Not only that, the thumb itself is covered in blood too!

Also, don’t forget to take a good look at the bottom metal portion of the bell with its worn and aged look. The detailed painting is done by the beloved FRANKEN (@guttiwuts_)!


The contrasting colors between his hand and the glossy bracelet gives complexity to the colors of this statue.

The Wraith is also carrying his primary weapon “Azarov’s Skull” that is made up of a skull connected to its spinal cord. We’ll get to who Azarov is later in the blog.
Compared to the dry-looking old bloodstains on his body, the weapon is painted with brighter and more translucent red paint to give the impression of fresh blood.


While the Wraith has a wide upper body, his legs are thinner, like sticks.
The distinct body paint on his face and hands was recreated through many layers of paint, but it also shows the dried-out texture of his skin that is like “the bark of a birch tree” from the game.


To talk about the base, we’ll need to talk about his tragic past.

While he was still human, Philip Ojomo was working at a small scrap yard.
Then one day, as he was working the crusher as usual under the orders of his boss, Azarov, he notices a trickle of blood seeping through the cracks of the crushed metal. He then learns that all this time, he was being used by his boss as an executioner for clients.

As Philip goes ballistic with rage and kills Azarov, he becomes the killer as if created by the gods of hell.
What do you think of this figure once you have heard of his background?


The design of the base is one that would make you think, “The blood seeping through the cracks of the crushed scrap metal, could it be…?”
The green color of the base where his feet stand is inspired by The Wraith’s Realm, “Autohaven Wreckers”, in the game.


For international customers, pre-order is available now! Check with your local retailer for availability details!


Be sure to secure your pre-order before it’s too late!
All of Kotobukiya statue products are produced based on the orders we receive, and placing early order is the only surefire way to add this statue to your collection.
Going into stores might be difficult for some people at this time, but fear not! You can pre-order online as well.

The Flashlight Bonus Part shown in the image above is only available as a pre-order bonus through select retailers worldwide.
In the game, The Wraith can turn invisible by ringing the Wailing Bell, but Survivors can force him to reveal himself by shining the flashlight, his natural enemy.
Be sure to get your hands on this crucial item to add more elements in recreating the fierce chase between The Wraith and the Survivors.


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