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Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys).



SRP: $159.99 USD (15,800 JPY)

Release Month (in Japan): May 2021


Pre-order is now open!

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The Toolbox Bonus Part shown in the image above is only available as a pre-order bonus through select retailers worldwide.

This is the only chance to get your hands on the handy toolbox that is used by Survivors in-game!


Reminder: For customers in Japan, this product is only available at Kotobukiya retail or online stores!!

For international customers, pre-order is available now! Check with your local retailer for availability details!


 In-Depth Details


First of all, look at the pose!

At first glance, it just looks like a standard standing pose, but…



The statue is full of The Hillbilly’s charm!

The image above is something I created during the initial planning phase!

I did a lot of research to ensure that we can accurately bring to life The Hillbilly’s movements as he is running!



The pose is designed to be attractive as a three-dimensional figure while staying true to the way The Hillbilly runs.



Doesn’t it look like he is really dragging his feet behind him?



Ultimately, I think this statue truly gives off a realistic chase scene from any angle!



Also, check out the smaller details in this statue! Since this statue uses a lot of brown, it was extremely important to pay attention to the way each detail was sculpted.

The eyes that can be seen peeking out from underneath the layers of skin and the inside of the mouth have been painted with a translucent paint to give it a lifelike look.



Also, look at the way the texture of the tank top and belt differ as well as the sheer number of wrinkles in the pants due to years of wear and tear.

The metallic look of the staples sticking out of the skin as well as the bloodstains throughout the figure are also elements that add a sense of life to the overall statue.



The infamous chainsaw that he carries also isn’t short of any detail! Only those who can get their hands on this statue in person will be able to see the sheer amount of detail.

The pieces of wood cluttered throughout the base are reminiscent of wood that can be found on Coldwind Farm.

The color of the base has also been painted with a slightly orange tint to reflect what we imagine to be the color of the sky.


Pre-order today to add The Hillbilly to your statue collection!


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