CVX-83 Izumo Available Soon For Pre-order!

テーマ:Plastic Model

Hello, this is Gensui. 

Ship Type FA2 (TBD) that we first announced at All Japan Model and Hobby Show last September is finally ready for its reveal… 


This model kit will be available for pre-order starting next week.

CVX-83 IZUMO was originally planned to be introduced to the public at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. 

However, I would still like to introduce this product to the world before pre-orders start, so please read on for more information. 


Throughout this blog, I will be showcasing CG images using the design data for this product. 

The coloring in the images shown throughout are based on the finished paint samples that are still in production at the time of this writing, as well as the molded color samples (a single color solid painted plastic board that is sent to the factory to instruct them to mold in this color).

We will introduce the fully painted replicas at a later point once ready, so without further ado, please read along for initial details about this product. 

This model is a new variant of DDX-101 Kongo that was originally released in November 2018. 

Both models have been made with the same coloration, but now comes with a newly designed head, chest, shoulder, knee, and armor as designed by Takayuki Yanase. 

While maintaining the original style, this new Frame Arms comes with an all-new silhouette and armor functionality. Hand-held firearms went from bazookas to rifles. The shape of the deck shield has also changed.

The image below shows this model from an angle that was not shown in the previous two shots, but I’m sure that FA users could guess from the name and the shape of the silhouettes what the back would look like.

A drone unit is included with this kit and can be mounted on the armored deck.

This was also a feature designed by Takayuki Yanase himself.

By attaching the vertical canard wings on both the right shoulder and left arm decks, the drones can be mounted on both sides. This kit comes with a total of 4 drone units.

As shown in the image, it is also possible to connect the vertical tail and the ventral fin so that the V shapes overlap.

I haven’t been able to verify how many of them can be connected and installed yet, but one squadron of 12 planes would be my estimate.

Although not shown in the image, by using the vertical canard wings to create a 3mm joint or by using a Mini Flying Base, you can create four types of flight display attachments (clear parts) with parts included in this kit. 

Of course, the new design and shape of the rifle and the machine gun now with 3mm connecting joints also add to the overall charm!

At first, we had planned to keep the machine gun design from previously released DDX-101 Kongo, but I thought we can’t have a new FA without adding 3mm connecting joints!  

The variable mechanism that enables the model to be reassembled from a humanoid type to a ship type was kept the same as DDX-101 Kongo. With the lock mechanism on various parts throughout this model, it has been designed to firmly hold together the front and back flight decks.

It is probably easier for the drone unit to take off and land (especially to land) in this state than in humanoid form.

Since flight decks are also compatible with DDX-101 Kongo, it is possible to assemble and reassemble the decks on either model kits for both the front and rear deck. 

An all-new addition to the Frame Arms line:


Pre-order starts May 21, 2020, JST. 

Release month and price will be announced after pre-orders begin. Thank you all for your patience!  




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