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Hello everyone!
Mr. Arigato here with an update from a new member of the planning team, Futsuo:

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to introduce a custom model I made playing around with some of Kotobukiya’s Hexa Gear.

Model Name: Volt Dagger

Volt Dagger is made from the salvaged parts of a Voltrex that was nearly destroyed in battle. The Voltrex’s Zoatechs capabilities could no longer be used, so its Governor converted it into a high-speed vehicle. (Imaginary Background Story)


Let’s see it from a different angle!

(Right Side)

(Straight On)

(From a Diagonal)


I kept this custom unit rather small in order to match the size of the Governor. You might be thinking, “wait, these mufflers look kind of big for a motorcycle…” I moved the plasma cannons and grenade launchers to the back of the bike to create a unique silhouette, so they’re actually being used as mufflers instead of as weapons. They may not be used for their intended purpose this way, but the whole point of the Hexa Gear system is re-configuration and customization, so go wild!

…That being said I tried my best to make sure it resembles a motorcycle (it has three wheels though…).

Smaller, lightweight bikes have already been done before so I did my best to come up with something original. What do you guys think?
I didn’t do anything too crazy, and I think at the end of the day it did come together as a motorcycle, so I’m proud of how it turned out (lol).

Coming up with a fictional backstory for your Hexa Gear (like I did above) can really help develop the world!
I hope you all enjoy coming up with your own customizations and backstories.


Anyways, now that I’ve gone over the introduction, I’m going to review how to make this custom model!

First, let’s divide it into three major units.
I’ll explain them in the order of A-C.


[A: Assemble the Front Unit]

■ Assemble the Front Wheel ■

① Assemble the wheel and frame as seen in the picture.
② Connect the wheel to the opening on the frame as designated by the arrow.

① Connect the Voltrex Head Unit to the Frame.
② Attach the Voltrex tail blade armor to the opening as seen in the picture.
(Assemble the back in the same fashion).


■ Assemble the Side Mirror Units ■

① Affix the Hexa Gear Universal Joint to the indentation in the camera eye base.
② Affix the camera eye to the combined camera eye base and Hexa Gear Joint.
③ Connect the step part to the knob as seen in the picture above.
④ Make a second unit following the steps above.


■ Connect the Parts to the Front Unit ■

① Insert the side mirror units as seen in the image.
② Connect the machine gun units from Booster Pack 001 on both sides.


[B: Assemble the Main Unit]

① Attach the bipod parts from the Strong Rifle to the knob on the Voltrex arm.
② Attach the Voltrex arm to the knob on the Voltrex main body.


[C: Assemble the Rear Unit]

■ Assemble the Rear Frame Unit ■

*The numbering on the images below follows the numbering for the parts listed in the instructions for Voltrex.

① Attach the parts
② Connect PC:D to the knob on イ:2.
③ Insert the hexagonal joint into the opening shown in the picture.
④ Attach the part from above as seen in the picture.
*Image of the completed frame.


■ Assemble the Rear Wheel Unit ■

① Attach the frame part assembled in the previous steps to the “Voltrex Rear Wheel” parts.

① Attach Voltrex Leg Part ③ to the opening as seen in the picture.
② Attach the Voltrex Miniature Plasma Cannon to the opening as seen in the picture.

① Attach the Voltrex Miniature Plasma Cannon to the opening as seen in the picture.
② Attach Voltrex Leg Part ② to the opening as seen in the picture.
③ Attach Voltrex Parts F:10 and F:13 to the openings as seen in the picture.


[Connect the Units]

① Attach the Front Unit to the Body Unit as seen in the picture.
② Attach the Rear Unit to the Body Unit as seen in the picture.


and it’s complete!


[Completed Volt Dagger]

If you leave out the side mirrors and the kickstand, this customization can be made using only Voltrex!

Taking pictures of Volt Dagger with both small and large Hexa Gear really helped to fill out my image of the Hexa Gear world.  The interactions between the two governors almost felt real!

Anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you all enjoy my version of the Hexa Gear world!


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