Black Panther Joins Kotobukiya’s ARTFX Lineup! Available June 2018!


Hey everyone!

Did you see Black Panther? It finally came out in Japan on March 1st and it’s everything I hoped it could be!
I highly recommend it for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet!


Greetings everyone!
I have an extremely important announcement:

The man who plays the dual roles of king and hero, who has stolen the hearts of fans throughout the world…


Black Panther is joining Kotobukiya’s lineup this June!



Black Panther ARTFX Statue

Available in Japan June 2018 ¥13,800 +tax


Kotobukiya’s next elite ARTFX Statue returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and celebrates the breakout hero of 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and the star of his own upcoming blockbuster, BLACK PANTHER!  A prince of the mysterious nation Wakanda, T’Challa was thrust into the spotlight when a terrorist attack killed his father and elevated him to the throne.  Now he holds the dual responsibility of ruling his people as king and protecting the world as the costumed Black Panther, and it’s that hero who claws his way to you now in a glorious 1/6 scale statue representing 2018’s Black Panther film!

A hero unlike any other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther stalks his prey across ancient Wakandan ruins and will never let his target escape.  T’Challa is frozen in place as he steps lightly over the rubble, using his feline grace to move silently and quickly. Enhanced with cutting edge vibranium technology, Black Panther’s incredibly detailed black body suit combines a subtle texture with reinforced sections and decorative silver elements, not to mention wicked claws that can slice through nearly anything.  The suit highlights the hero’s muscular physique and his tensed pose as he prepares for action. It also extends over Black Panther’s head with its menacing feline face plate and subtle “ear” protrusions to complete the overall look.

Black Panther’s costume has seen some updates since his first appearance in Civil War. The latest version was designed by Adi Granov, whose art has been the basis for several of Kotobukiya’s Marvel ARTFX+ statues! (The art below is an unused design by Marvel Studios’ Ryan Meinerding)



Kotobukiya’s team worked hard to apply this design to a 1/6th scale!



This is the photo angle recommended by the sculptors and planning team. The posing shows off Black Panther’s strength and flexibility. The subtle black and silver design chosen by T’Challa in the film needs no embellishments to show off the skills of Black Panther.



A close-up of the intricate details on the suit.



Made of the strongest material in the world, the powerful vibranium panther claws are also recreated in stunning detail!



The statue was sculpted by Jerónimo Duarte Argerich. The base takes its inspiration from Wakanda, with the ancient letters carved into the ruins at his feet.



Black Panther is the ultimate combination of Wakanda’s advanced technology and the mythical and ancient power of the legendary Black Panther.



The side view shows off Black Panther’s heightened abilities to sense the movement of his enemies.



It’s up to you whether you want to pre-order before or after seeing the movie!



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