Asra Customization Samples Introduction!

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Hey Megami Device Masters!

Thank you everyone who purchased the Asra Archer which was released this week! She’s absolutely adorable and awesome so please build her with love!

Moving on, I’d like to introduce a few customized samples today. This will be a light article, so please read it as if you’re reading a hobby magazine or something lol.


We have two different models both created with the 6th released Megami Device, Asra Archer.


Built and customized by Kotobukiya’s designer, Kobayashi, we’re showing a dark skinned Asra with white armor. This was displayed at the Kotobukiya Festival in December 2017, so some of you may have seen this before already.


To give Asra a different appearance, colored parts were swapped, and in addition, she was equipped with large scaled weapons for more impact. TANNED SKIN FTW (by Kobayashi)


Skin color was altered by using Mr. Color GX Clear Brown from GSI Creos. To give it a natural look, we left out the non-transparent base paint. Since this is a clear paint, it’s easy to adjust the color saturation to your liking.

Mr. Color GX Super Smooth Clear <Matte> was used as top coat for the skin. This is perfect for a natural skin finish.

Fill the joint holes on the sides of the shins for a smooth look. Fluorescent red was used to accent the shaded areas on the armor parts.


Ninja base was used for the head part. Not only was the color altered, but the hair was styled with epoxy putty to give it more originality.

The mecha armor parts for the pigtails are reversed,  which turned out quite interesting. The chest piece used is from the Archer kit.


Here is  Principessa in Armed Mode. Iconic parts from Ninja and Archer are attached onto the base unit. One of the most popular customizations is the large wings that extend out from her back as she prepares for battle.


Parts of the Flying Unit from SOL Hornet was used in order to make the thruster articulate. By adding the grip parts from Archer onto the back hanger, you can easily pose her onto the flying base.


Here’s a diagram of the customized back unit. Using the 3mm joints allows for a wider range in customization possibilities with parts from various kits.


I gave her a huge weapon that’s even longer than her entire body. Giant weapons are awesome!!! (by Kobayashi)


Hexa Gear Rayblade Impulse parts are attached to the handle part from M.S.G Gunblade Lance. SOL Hornet’s wings attached to the outer cowl with brass wire.

The tip of the weapon is made with large and small parts from the M.S.G Vernier Nozzle connected with brass wire. This makes it easy to give the tip of the weapon a tapered effect with lots of detail.

Use the joints from Rayblade Impulse for articulation to convert the weapon into slash mode or fire mode. One of the best things about customizing plastic models with various parts is that you can enjoy how cool it looks.


<Kits Used for Megami Device Principessa>

  • Megami Device Asra Ninja/Archer
  • SOL Hornet Wing
  • Hexa Gear Rayblade Impulse Parts
  • M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 12 Gunblad Lance
  • M.S.G PlaUnit P-109 Vernier Nozzle II
  • M.S.G PlaUnit P-122 Vernier Nozzle IV


<Message from Megami Device Principessa Builder>

Hi everyone! I’m Kobayashi, a designer at Kotobukiya who is in charge of Megami Device. This was displayed at Kotobukiya Festival last year, and with Producer Toriyama’s suggestion, I decided to introduce this on this blog.

I hope this customization can be a helpful reference for everyone! Some people might think that this customization sample is too complicated, but if you start from basic steps, it’s actually quite easy to customize your own Megami!



So what do you think?

Kobayashi’s in charge of designing all the prints for Megami Device including package and decals. He loves plastic model kits and I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce him. He’s surprisingly good…!

This was a very fun project, and I hope I could introduce “a different girl” again on the blog.

See ya!


                                                                  Toriwo Toriyama (“I need to work hard too” P)




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