Ao Gennai Face Part Survey Results Announcement


The results of the Ao Gennai Face Part Survey that took place on July 1st in Japan is now here! Which facial expression rose to number one…!? 


■Results Announcement

1st to 3rd Place 



■1st Place: Chibi Style Face (Response Rate: 22%)
■2nd Place:
Loud Crying Face (Response Rate: 19%)
■3rd Place:
Yelling Face ② (Response Rate: 11%)

The facial expression that won the most number of votes, with 22% of the total votes is the “”Chibi Style Face””! We are currently working on including this into the Ao Gennai plastic model kit to be released soon! ♪

Other Facial Expressions 

4th Place: Anxious Face (9.9%)


5th Place: Embarrassed Face (9.7%)


6th Place: Worried Face (9.5%)


7th Place: Skeptical Face (7.8%)


8th Place: Smiling Face ② (3.3%)


9th Place: “Tasty!” Face (3.2%)


10th Place: Happy Face (2.0%)


11th Place: Yelling Face ① (1.3%)


12th Place: Surprised Face (0.6%)


In commemoration of the “SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN x Frame Arms Girl” collaboration, we conducted this special Ao Gennai face part survey in Japan to help us decide what additional face part we should include. We received many more votes and comments of excitment from fans than we had expected. With your help, we were able to receive the max number of votes allowed for this survey! Thank you always for your continued support! 


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