An Up-Close Look at Night Breaker!

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Mr. Arigato checking in with the latest update from Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Blog!

Today I’m going to introduce the latest Kotobukiya Shop exclusive, Night Breaker!

Night Breaker began pre-orders on January 19th, and will be available in May of this year for \8,600.

Gigantic Arms 04EX Night Breaker

Night Breaker is following Grappling Guardian as the next entry in the Gigantic Arms series with a special Kotobukiya Shop edition.

This time, there are no extra (or missing) parts that differentiate it from the standard Armed Breaker.
(↑of course, you can also convert it into the Convert Carrier or Rapid Raider in addition to the Armed Breaker)


The lime green parts glow in the dark!
*This photo was taken in the dark at 1000 ISO, much like the night time footage you might see on a nature show.

Seeing it in the dark definitely gives it a certain impact you don’t get with the lights on.
The actual product glows really strongly, especially in completely dark environments.

Here’s a look at the Convert Carrier and Rapid Raider.

And here they are in the dark!
It’d be pretty interesting to see a glowing truck coming towards you in the middle of the night.
The lime green Rapid Raider is sure to be one of the most popular components of this set.

Other than the tires, each part of the bike is a new custom color.
It would be fun to make a custom bike by combining parts from the original and Night Breaker versions!

I mentioned it earlier, but here’s the Convert Carrier again with its bright green container.

The Rapid Raider is a racing machine, and the Convert Carrier is its transporter, so it’s only natural that the two would share a team color!
(Also, the more glow in the dark parts the better!)

The interior is a metallic black color.
The parts would also be good for combining with M.S.G and Hexa Gear booster packs to create your own original machines.

The Frame Arms Girl helmet and accessories are all glow in the dark lime green.

The visor is made of clear green plastic and the ponytail goes with the special CRAFTMANSHIP edition of Jinrai.

↑Click on this picture to pre-order! (Link in Japanese)


The Gigantic Combination that will break through the night:
Gigantic Arms 04EX Night Breaker!


A Kotobukiya Shop exclusive in stores on May of this year.



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