A Nostalgic Wolverine & Jubilee are joining Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ Lineup 2/15!


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Mr. Arigato here with an update from the Kikaku Guys about our new ARTFX+ X-MEN ‘92 SERIES!
The first entry in this line, inspired by the 90s X-Men Animated Series, is available now!

ARTFX+ Wolverine & Jubilee Two Pack

Available July 2018 ¥8,400 +TAX

In 1992 the Fox Network revolutionized superhero comics adaptations with the groundbreaking animated series X-Men.  Featuring complex storylines pulled right from the pages of Marvel Comics as well as cool characters and high quality art, the cartoon gained instant acclaim and has continued to be popular to this day.  Now, you can collect two of the stars of that show with the brand new X-MEN ’92 WOLVERINE & JUBILEE TWO PACK ARTFX+ STATUE set from Kotobukiya!  Right from the very first episode Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee was a central character, a young mutant learning about the battles going on for her rights and safety.  Despite being very different, she and the scrappy brawler Wolverine would become good friends and share many adventures. Now these two X-Men join the 1/10th scale ARTFX+ Statue collection in an exclusive two-pack capturing their classic animated look!


Armed with Wolverine’s adamantium claws and supernatural healing abilities and Jubilee’s energy bursts that can be used from anything from blinding enemies to creating huge explosions, this duo is teaming up for a dynamic start to this nostalgia-fueled X-Men line!

Wolverine was sculpted by Ikkei Jitsukata (@tsuchinoko10)


Jubilee was sculpted by Keita Misonou.

Both statues are packed with details and special touches from the animation.

Here’s a few key details I want to share with you:

In the animation, the shape of Wolverine’s mask varies a lot depending on the scene or the animator. There was lots of debate about this amongst the X-Men fans in the company to find the best shape for the mask! (With lots of supervision from the licensor, of course)

Jubilee is wearing her techno-style sunglasses, which were a special first-edition part for the Jubilee Bishoujo Statue from 2014.

Jubilee’s energetic posing shows off her youthful vigor.

The paint and plastic colors use the vivid tones often seen in comics and cartoons, giving the pair a bold appearance.

Our creators paid careful attention to the finest details, from the hair on Wolverine’s biceps to Jubilee’s single eyelids.

And, on top of all that!

The package is also overflowing with nostalgia and X-Power!!!

An homage to retro action figures, the package boasts an eye-catching design featuring the original concept art that was the basis for the figures. The box also has some wear-and-tear to give it a vintage feel.

The final version will probably be a bit more compact.

Keep an eye out for more entries in our 1/10 scale X-Men ARTFX+ series, coming soon!


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