A First Look at the DC IKEMEN JOKER Sculpt!


 Hello, this is Bunkichi! (・ω・)ノ

Today I’m writing to introduce the 6th Entry in the DC IKEMEN series,




Today we’re going to take a close-up look at the sculpt for the first time!

As a reminder, here’s the original art by Ricken.

The final product will be based on this beautiful illustration!




Now, without further ado…





































It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the concept art!


This time, in addition to Ricken-sensei’s design, we also put extra effort into making sure the pose looks flirtatious.


We raised the left shoulder up a little bit and pulled back his head slightly. He looks so provocative! The angle of his left leg is also perfect.


I bet you’re wondering what he’s holding behind his back…

You can catch a tiny glimpse of it behind his left arm…




He’s actually holding a “Laughing Fish!”











I’m really fond of this particular detail, haha.



The fish’s exaggerated and ironic expression is a nice contrast with Joker’s expression.

Joker’s pointed pinkie finger is another detail that shows off his devious nature.






















There’s something to see from every angle on this stylish statue!


Here’s a close look at his expression.


































You can practically hear his sinister laugh!


On the gray prototype, the eyes really stand out. They’ll look much better on the colored version!


Joker’s hand rests on top of a clown shaped staff.


































On the final version of the product, the staff will have a knob so that it connects firmly to the Joker’s hand. Even though you won’t be able to see it clearly, the clown’s face will be fully sculpted!


I hope you’ll check it out in person if you have the chance!


The painted prototype will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con next week! I hope you’re looking forward to it!



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