2017 New York Comic-Con Report


Hey everyone! It’s Agent Leu! Long time no see! If you were wondering where I’ve been for the past week, I was at New York Comic-Con to meet you lovely fans! So while I’m still somewhat jet-lagged, here’s a quick NYCC coverage with Kotobukiya!!!



Crazy Move-In Day!

LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHOCO PIES!!! Yup! Lotte was awesome enough to send us A TON of Choco Pies for NYCC! Were you one of those lucky people who got a box?

Yay! All set and ready!

All the people!!!

Kotobukiya Display Pick-Up

Supergirl BISHOUJO paint master displayed for the FIRST TIME in the U.S.!!! She looks amazing with her complicated sculpt especially with the folds in her cape and dress, not to mention the details in her natural blonde hair. The gold trims really makes her look epic and ready to kick some butt!

Nightwing IKEMEN paint master appears again in the U.S.! Remember, the first edition release will include not one, not two, but THREE bonus head parts!!! So make sure you’ve pre-ordered yours before they are all out!

Any Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) fans? ARTFX J Yumeko Jabami is shown for the first time in the U.S.! This prototype really shows the insane details on the sculpt. I mean LOOK AT HER HAIR!!!

※ I was too overwhelmed by the convention, I somehow didn’t get any good photos of our displays *GASP* Feel free to share your photos/videos with us!!!

Autograph Sessions

Ono Yoshinori (Capcom – Street Fighter) Autograph Session

Thank you Capcom and Mr. Ono for this awesome opportunity! The autograph session tickets were gone SO FAST! Fortunately, with Capcom’s approval, we were able to let fans who weren’t able to obtain the tickets into the line! Thank you everyone for showing up and brightening up our booth with all of your energy!





















Vic Mignogna Autograph Session

A big shout out to Vic Mignogna who was the most fantastic person for allowing us to host an autograph session at our booth!!! Also, thank everyone for purchasing our ARTFX J Edward Elric / ARTFX J Roy Mustang figures! Due to our agreement, unfortunately I can’t post any photos on here, so instead, here’s the image of the poster we passed out!

The Rest of NYCC

Are you ready for a bunch of photo spam? HERE WE GO!


























Wooo!!! Did ‘yall enjoy my photo spam? I certainly enjoyed seeing all the cosplayers and amazing booths! Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed NYCC and hope to see you at the next event!

On behalf of the Kotobukiya team, THANK YOU!!!

Until next time, Agent Leu, over and out!


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