Event Information:VIRTUAL MARKET 4

Kotobukiya will be participating in Virtual Market 4!
Enjoy the world of SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN presented in a virtual space.
This type of event is a historical first for Kotobukiya, so be sure to drop by the booth to experience this new feat for yourself!

■Event Overview

Virtual Market 4
Date: April 29th, 2020 ~ May 10th, 2020
   (Open 24 hours a day)
Entrance Fee: Free

Virtual Market Official Website:
SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN Official Website:*Japanese)

*A Windows PC with VRChat installed is required to participate.
*A VR device is not required to participate.


■How to Participate

Install VRChat on a Windows PC.
Search “Virtualmarket4” on the VRChat menu and access the event venue.

How to access to VKet through VRChat

*A Windows PC with VRChat installed is required to participate.


■What is Virtual Market 4?

Virtual Market is the largest market festival in the virtual space where visitors can freely try on, appreciate, and purchase 3D avatars and 3D models displayed at the venue.
Through the online service VRChat, the event venue expands before your eyes and it feels like you are actually at the exhibition hall. Take the time to visit all your favorite exhibits through the virtual realm.

First beginning with “3DCG Avatars,” the majority of the items on exhibit in Virtual Market 4 are 3DCG items that “creators” have made.
Around 1,400 booths will be exhibiting at the venue.
The booths themselves were also designed by the creators themselves, so no matter where you look, you can be sure to discover something new and exciting in this all-new event.

You can communicate with other guests at the venue and tour the event together.
Be sure to enjoy this opportunity to experience never-before-seen worlds in this virtual space!


■Kotobukiya Booth Information

①”Madoka Yuki” Virtual Sample Display
Kotobukiya will be showcasing a virtual sample of “Madoka Yuki” from SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN at the booth!
The best part about the virtual sample is that you can virtually pick up and appreciate the sample from various angles.
The size of the sample is proportional to the real product so you can easily compare the size and shape. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy this product in 360° before it is actually released. In a normal hobby event, there is not much opportunity to view the displays like this, so be sure to visit and enjoy the sample while you can! ♪
*Due to the nature of the booth being in a virtual space, it is harder to see the minute details and textures of the figure. Please also refer to the sculpt photos on the SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN official website(*Japanese) for more details.


② Life-sized Display of “Madoka Yuki,”

A life-sized Madoka (appx. 150 cm) will be standing at the booth to welcome you!
As can be expected in a virtual space, a special feature has been included with this display.
What happens when you approach her….!? Be sure to check this out with your own eyes!

The life-size display is also linked with the virtual sample.
Set the virtual sample on the designated stand to change the life-sized Madoka’s hairstyle.
Enjoy the various hairstyles of SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN before the launch of this new series!


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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