Product line-up


We recreate anime, manga/comic books, video game, and movie characters into a figure that replicates each character in fine detail. We aim to create products that resembles each character from the sculpt to the paint job, despite it being a mass produced product.


2:Plastic model kit

We recreate robotic/mecha characters from anime, manga/comic books, video games, and movies into a life-like model kit that resembles each character perfectly when each piece is put together. Customers can see the likeness of our designs whether they are pre-painted or unpainted. We also strive to include additional parts that recreate gimmicks (devices, moves) that represent each character.


3:Character/lifestyle goods

We design and create lifestyle products based on various manga/comic books, video game, and movie characters, as well as historically acclaimed people/products. We don’t just create character goods; we also create lifestyle goods that truly represent each franchise in any medium.

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