Fields of business

1. Planning, developing, and selling hobby goods

In order to develop merchandise based on popular anime/videogames/movie characters (also called IP*), we obtain licenses for third-party properties as well as offer licensing rights for our original lines, develop new lines of products as well as offer product planning, development, design, creation, wholesale, retail, and import/export for our original products. We work on every part of product development from obtaining licenses, planning and drafting our products, sculpting each figure by hand in-house, and working with overseas companies to create our products in mass. 

We conduct domestic and international sales by working with distributors worldwide, direct-to-customer sales by offering products in retail stores, as well as offer products through e-commerce websites.

Along with our original products, we also offer third-party hobby goods (figures), plastic model kits, character goods, books, lifestyle goods, card games, etc. in order to offer a large variety of hobby goods to our customers.


2. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

With our strength in creating new products, we have participated in many OEM projects.
We offer services such as creating OEM products based on customer voices, to ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) products that require us to plan and manufacture a product from start to finish, as well as conduct business matching efforts. We offer product ideas, designs, and sculpts in order to aid businesses make their products come to life.


3. Licensing our original IPs

Our company has created many original contents.
We offer licensing rights to our animated properties and original products, as well as manage our licensed properties.

*IP: Intellectual Property

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