Frame Arms Girl & Rapid Raider Set (HRESVELGR Ver.)

Good morning everyone! Mr. Arigato here with an update from YUKI in planning. Today we’re going to talk about a new item that was released at Wonder Festival in February: […]


Wonder Festival report!

Hey Megami Masters! Agent Leu checking in with an update by Toriwo Toriyama!   Wonder Festival came and went so quickly. Thank you everyone (attendees and exhibitors alike) for making […]


Asra Customization Samples Introduction!

  Hey Megami Device Masters! Thank you everyone who purchased the Asra Archer which was released this week! She’s absolutely adorable and awesome so please build her with love! Moving […]


Frame Arms model kit Shadow Tiger

  Hey everyone! Agent Leu checking in to bring you an updated blog entry from Gensui on our latest Frame Arms model kit, Shadow Tiger! Today we’re going to get […]


Hexa Gear: Demolition Brute

Hey everyone! Mr. Arigato here with some test shots and an introduction to the latest Hexa Gear, Demolition Brute from YUKI in planning. First up is the beast-inspired ZOATECH mode. […]


Introducing the ARTFX Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Pre-Orders Start 2/13!

  Hey everyone!   Today I’m going to show off the latest entry in our Star Wars line, which just began pre-orders. The fierce First Order Captain who makes her […]


Release Date Approaching! Introducing Archer Runner!

Hi Megami Masters! The weather is getting colder, but hopefully no one caught a cold? Health is a plastic modeler’s greatest asset! So please take care of yourself as you […]


Frame Arms Girl Architect Gun Metallic Ver.

Hey everyone! We’re now accepting pre-orders for the latest Frame Arms Girl, Architect Gun Metallic Ver.! The Frame Arms Girl series brings the mechs of Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms line (designed […]


An Up-Close Look at Night Breaker!

Mr. Arigato checking in with the latest update from Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Blog! Today I’m going to introduce the latest Kotobukiya Shop exclusive, Night Breaker! Night Breaker began pre-orders on […]


Megami Device: Magical Girl!

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to get acquainted with the 7th entry in Kotobukiya’s Megami Device Series, “Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl!” Magical Girl went on pre-order a few weeks […]

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